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Zong Qinghou: the financial and the real economy should maintain a benign interaction — food channel — people.com.cn people.com.cn Beijing in August 31,   (Ceng Xuan) at the beginning of September this year, the largest of the group of twenty Summit (B20 Summit) the group of twenty (G20) summit held back to back. The B20 summit issues focus on the theme of the 2016 G20 summit "construction of innovation, vitality, linkage and tolerance in the world economy, the establishment of financial growth, trade and investment, infrastructure, employment, development of small and medium-sized enterprises, a total of 6 anti-corruption issues. People.com.cn interview at the B20 summit in Hangzhou Wahaha Group Chairman Zong Qinghou. When it comes to the issue of promoting financial growth, Zong Qinghou said that the financial and real economy are interdependent, the two should maintain a positive interaction. He said: "the real economy to contribute to society, at the same time, it presents a stable characteristic, will not speak faster, go faster. Finance should serve the real economy, the need to support the development of the real economy, if there is no real economy, finance can not survive independently. At the same time, the financial sector can help solve the problem of the real economy, in this process, the financial itself can make a profit, which is a win-win cooperation relationship, so the two are interdependent." At the same time, Zong Qinghou pointed out that although the financial has a unique and irreplaceable role in promoting the national economic growth, but financial innovation, especially the innovation of virtual financial must proceed with caution, to regulate the financial market, make financial markets more standardized and orderly. When the financial market development is more perfect, to promote the growth of the real economy, national economic growth is a kind of help. For the B20 summit focus in the real economy is an important part of small and medium-sized enterprises, Zong Qinghou said their development does exist some difficulties to overcome these difficulties, he believes that small and medium-sized enterprises have time to be a collaboration. First, if we want to carry out independent research and development, SMEs need to bear the risk of time, energy, financial resources; second, the market for SMEs to develop risk. And large enterprises, whether R & D products or R & D market, even if unsuccessful, the loss is also a profit, and there will be little risk of collapse, but this risk is fatal to smes. Therefore, the development of large enterprises to bear the risk of products and markets, and small and medium enterprises for its supporting production, such cooperation at the same time, investment in large enterprises will be reduced accordingly. It may be better to develop an industry." (right: Xu Xinyi Juan, commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: