Zhejiang two liar duet selling fake jade local man cheated 18000 yuan in Beijing unfccc

Zhejiang two liar duet selling fake jade local man cheated 18000 yuan – Beijing, Beijing, October 23 Hangzhou Xinhua (trainee reporter correspondent Wang Gang Zhang Hua) 23, reporters from Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Fuyang District Public Security Bureau was informed that the day before, local with unusual fraud: in Fuyang City, a liar to collaborate with each other to sell fake jade, a man pretending to recover a man pretending to sell jade, jade, two people through the fictional facts that sell jade to jade expensive, because of the urgent need of money is a low price sold, which makes the victim believe and buy 18000 yuan. Now the case is being further processed. The police comrades, I was cheated 18000 yuan! Help me quickly!" 17 afternoon, Fuyang District Public Security Bureau in the west of the city police station duty room, a middle-aged man excitedly to tell the police themselves cheated after. On the afternoon of Wu walking in the streets of Fuyang, in the vicinity of RT Mart a man put a lay acquisition of antique crafts. There is a woman squatting in the stall before bargaining. Soon, two people to the price of 1500 yuan traded a jade. Booth selling jade woman also has 2 pieces of jade, but also want to buy over, but the price did not talk about the moment. Sell jade woman turned to go, the owner looked anxious, and he took out his mobile phone to call his wife: "you quickly get over 30 thousand yuan, there are 2 pieces of jade, a minimum value of 200 thousand yuan, can not be missed." Sell jade woman said his home in a hurry to hurry, stall rushed, called his wife and give money to slow delayed opportunities, side called Wu, Wu to help sell jade woman back. Enthusiastic Wu promised to help sell jade woman was found in the distance, and she will be back to the stall boundary. The woman said she was selling jade in an accident in urgent need of money, you can sell the price to 19000 yuan, but can get money immediately. The owner said difficult at the same time, consulted with Wu, he let the old Wu first to help buy the 2 piece of jade, then to 30 thousand yuan from the hands of Wu recovery. Wu heart together, your hands can earn more than 10 thousand dollars, a big thing, immediately agreed to the deal. Wu and sell jade woman to teller machine withdrawals found only 18000 yuan of money, sell jade woman difficult at the same time, agreed transaction, Wu also successfully bought the baby ". But when Wu took the time to find the "baby" sold, the owner has not disappeared. When Wu realized cheated, immediately to the police station to the east of the city. After receiving the alarm, the police immediately carry out investigation work. The police found in the retrieval of surveillance video, sell jade woman to the bank teller in Wu and post stall boss quickly evacuated. The police found surveillance along track, and finally sold jade woman unexpectedly and stall confluence together. After further tracking, the police quickly found the two ends and fled when driving a car. On the same day at 7 pm, police arrested the two suspects arrested, and seized a large number of poor jade and the case for money. Upon review, the two suspects confessed to the crime. Now two)相关的主题文章: