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Yu Yongfu took office after the first sound: the formation of the iron triangle Yu Yongfu Phoenix Technology News November 1st news with Yang Weidong, He Xiaopeng, Yu Yongfu today issued an internal e-mail to employees, he elaborates on the cultural and entertainment industries, also announced a number of organizational structure adjustment. Yesterday, Alibaba group has just announced the establishment of Alibaba cultural and entertainment group, and Alibaba partner Yu Yongfu served as chairman and CEO. Yu Yongfu announced the mail, Alibaba culture and entertainment group in the future will use the "2+X" service matrix, namely "two user platform engine (UC, large Youku) + professional team, strengthen internal coordination, realize the" one map, a heart, a battle". According to information released yesterday Ali, Ali Entertainment Group’s business includes: Youku potatoes, UC, Ali Ali Ali pictures, music, sports, games, literature, Ali Ali Ali digital entertainment division. According to the matrix introduced by Yu Yongfu, Ali Entertainment Group’s future layout, Youku and UC will become the twin engine business, and pictures, music, sports, games, literature and other relative vertical columns will become a professional. Yu Yongfu also announced the establishment of a large business group, Youku, Ali digital entertainment division into Youku business group, by President Yang Weidong; the establishment of a new mobile business group, in addition to High German, the original Ali mobile business group, the business into the new mobile business group, with He Xiaopeng as president; High German from new mobile business the group moved out of continuing professional development, and continue to lead by Yu Yongfu; Yang Weidong and He Xiaopeng reported to Yu Yongfu. In addition, in order to reduce the low level repeated construction, the release of professional resources to support the development of more powerful business, large business groups and Youku mobile business group in the background will be Taiwan matrix (pull through function platform + professional support group). Yu Yongfu also announced that the group will set up a Alibaba culture and entertainment group business development platform, consisting of him and Yang Weidong, where three people xiaopeng. The iron triangle will be responsible for the business platform construction strategy and promote. There is also a business strategy group, Zhu Shunyan and Su Li is responsible for the media matrix business strategy and promotion, the two of them have a wealth of experience in the operation. In the group brand and media affairs level, the establishment of Alibaba entertainment group public relations group, responsible for Wang Shuai. Yu Yongfu said, the Alibaba culture and entertainment industry in the "high starting point start, because this is a long-term development of the industrial area, is also the fusion of creativity, creativity and creativity of the contents of commercial land, the three indispensable. Yu Yongfu will be the next Ali culture and entertainment industry in the "war" strategy and business development compared to the "daughter" of the process, as is often said, "poor child, rich daughter". This also means that Alibaba will continue to invest resources, technology and human resources in this industry, so Ali Entertainment Group in the field of industry to grow. Yu Yongfu open letter: entertainment business: "rich daughter" mentality to do industrial Alibaba cultural entertainment group of students: our entertainment group business trip is out, then quickly to share with you a few points: first,   to keep a good daughter "industrial mentality". Today, in China from Japan相关的主题文章: