When the change period of dairy milk cow filled the entire industry ca1871

When the change period of dairy milk cow filled the entire industry "milk cow" is the continued spread of dairy change Securities Times reporter Zhao Liyun Cao Zhen and drawing since 2014, "milk cow" has become a nightmare for the domestic dairy industry. Due to the increase in imports of foreign low milk prices, the domestic milk prices have increased the proportion of self built ranch and other factors, the domestic milk resources continue to face selling price, and even suffered rejection reality. Industry insiders believe that the current dairy industry in China is at the period of change, the high-end products favored, high-quality milk are still scarce. At the same time, the more popular goat milk, or will become a new growth point of leveraging the industry. Pour the milk cow filled the entire industry despite the September milk production season, but dairy cows in Zhongmu County of Henan province farming enterprises responsible Cao was not happy. This year, she operated the transformation and upgrading of the farming community to become pasture, hardware upgrades, liabilities increased to 30 million yuan, but the scale of farming from the previous peak of the tens of thousands of heads, reduced to less than 2000. "It’s all over the place now, the cow kills, sells. Transformation of high debt, but not turn is dead." According caojingli briefing, the Spring Festival this year, milk purchase price fell to 3 yuan per kg, but excluding the cost of fixed assets, per kilogram of milk will cost more than 3 yuan. Despite losing money selling milk, dairy farmers still face milk prices from time to time to reject, the output of the milk can only be drained into tons. Today, Zhongmu County farms have fallen by at least 50%. Henan dairy farmers are facing the dilemma is not an example. Securities Times reporter interviewed Shaanxi several domestic dairy enterprises are reflected in the dairy can per kg milk loss a few cents, this situation has lasted for more than a year. Farm of Jingbian County in Northern Shaanxi Province last year, the dairy farmers Yan also maintained the one thousand head of the scale of farming, this year only 500 bulls. "Kill a part of the sale of a part, it is difficult to carry on." Yan Xili told reporters that since the decline in milk prices, milk has no profit. In order to keep the cows, he had to go to the loan, but also owed about 1000000 yuan usury. There is no money, sell a few cattle debt, and then carry a while." Yan said that this way to sell cattle can not hold too long, because like him, the size of the Mavericks have closed down. Cattle also had good times, 2013 milk shortage, one kilogram of milk can be sold for 6 dollars." Yan said the past year, Mengniu and he signed a contract, the underwriting to Mengniu milk produced. The best profit, his farm produced 5 tons of milk a day, a net profit of 500 yuan per ton. But this year, Mengniu not to renew the contract, not sell his milk. Dairy farming losses haze, not only overshadowed the small and medium enterprises. In the first half of 2016, the largest shareholder of Mengniu’s largest dairy farming group in modern animal husbandry (1117.HK) year performance report loss of 566 million yuan, which is the company’s first ever loss. In addition, the same as the Western Ranch ranch (300106) in the first half of 2016 also reported a loss of $26 million 660 thousand, net profit shrink相关的主题文章: