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After the holiday, eat what   the eight autumn will eat delicacy for you to offer — travel channel in Beijing in October 14, people.com.cn (Liu Jia Intern Zhang Wei) autumn is the harvest season, is also the best time to enjoy the delicacy. Whether you want to eat tender meat, cream like creamy or hairy, crisp and juicy, nutritious and delicious Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup, or smooth, spicy fragrance linger in the Hot pot…… Following yesterday’s fall after the fall of accommodation, Xiaobian for everyone to continue to feature a special inventory of autumn food, eat after the holiday. Yangcheng crabs (source: xinhuanet.com) Jiangsu: Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs autumn ring, crab legs itch, autumn is the season of tasting crab. Since ancient times, there are nine female and ten male argument, that is, the lunar new year in September to eat female crab, male crab in October. Although many markets have a crab in the sale, but also have to price Bo eye, but when it comes to taste and quality, the best recognized Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs. Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs shell green such as washing, mottled rust, dense velvet golden, powerful claws, female crab claw body Dafeng thick, thin and short; a male crab claw, long. Because of the shape of green back, white belly, yellow hair, gold claw and dense velvet, commonly known as the golden crab hook. To verify whether the consumer is to eat authentic Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, there is a simple method, instant hand not fishy, taste sweet. Sambo congee (source: xinhuanet.com) Shanghai: Chao Tang Sambo a bowl of congee porridge is absolutely good autumn table of the soul, is good to make good rice, porridge. The second is the heat, cook for the best. Shanghai the most affordable seafood porridge, food is very rich, there are shrimp, crab meat, oysters, each bowl of porridge hot pot. In addition to a preserved egg lean meat gruel, real beef and potato porridge, the health of the black rice pudding, red dates peanut porridge…… More than ten kinds of congee are available, and various dishes, snacks, the key is affordable, preserved egg lean meat porridge, dumplings, chicken legs are awesome. Guangdong: October autumn Chaoshan Chaoshan beef Hot pot is not very strong, but comes from the mother river of the Hanjiang River wind has brought some coolness in the Hanjiang River, far away from the city noise, feel the river that peace with Chaozhou; the characteristics of Kung Fu tea, but also a pleasure. Return night riding the Congjiang, just a cool taste of Chaozhou delicacy to warm the stomach. Chaozhou beyond count most suitable for autumn delicacy, delicacy is beef. From the Hot pot to beef beef balls have enough people to slobber dc. The reason for the reputation of Chaoshan beef meatball Hong Kong films flourished, beef balls Chaoshan fine texture, soft and elastic, but full of meat. Beef balls with soft starched pulp, the difference between the two is relatively soft pulp pulp crisp, hard tough, feel soft pulp gives a few more delicate, hard paste is more local flavor and muscular sense. Long Island Seafood Festival scene Li Gang photo (source: Hebei News): Shandong Long Island seafood is located in Long Island Huang Bohai interchange, sea area of 8700 square kilometers, with more than 30 kinds of economic fish and 200 kinds of shellfish algae and aquatic products, climate and special ecological conditions, making the local seafood meat is tender and delicate, unique flavor. Excellent quality, is the famous "abalone town" and "Scallop in Shell town" and "township of kelp". For a period of 3 months相关的主题文章: