What is the experience of watching a football game with VR are you shaking seaway

What is the experience of watching a football game with VR: are you shaking? Lead: U.S. tech blog reporter Geoff gelubu (Jeff Grubb) wrote today, although the United States Fawkes sports channel with mobile phone application provides the first sports event VR live, but the effect is not satisfactory, there are many places need to be improved. The following is the full text: since wearing virtual reality goggles, I hope I live to watch a sports game with it. Now, this technology really realized, but the experience is very bad. In the third week of the NCAA College Football League, Fawkes sports channel aired the Oklahoma Sonners team and the Buckeyes team in Ohio by Fox Sports VR. This smartphone developed by LiveLike can be freely available in iOS, Android and Gear VR market. In order to broadcast the game, it set up around the stadium 5 different degrees of 180 cameras. During the game, you can switch between different cameras in order to watch the game. In addition to live sports, Fox Sports VR can also take you into the digital press box, so you can avoid 180 degrees to the experience in the extreme left or right direction is difficult to obtain complete. In addition, the application can also provide a simulation of the big screen, showing the real picture of Fawkes broadcast, in order to fully enjoy the two kinds of experience. This seems to be the reality of the virtual reality you want to live, but I hate all elements. This is just the biggest drawback of mobile VR Fox Sports VR is its availability. This is a smart phone application, so all iPhone or Android mobile phone users can download and watch live video. Although VR does not need to watch the eye, but still can get a more immersive experience with Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard mobile phone holder. But the Fox Sports VR Oculus Rift and HTC did not support Vive two models of the most high-end virtual reality goggles. Because I already have Vive and Rift, so it’s really uncomfortable to find out the clunky Cardboard. It took me 10 minutes to put the phone in when I found Cardboard, so as to avoid the touch button. When I finally put the device in front of my eyes, the effect is really disappointing. Video shaking, continuous buffer position from the 50 yard line, I can see the game, but it is hard to keep the eye image stability, avoid shaking. When I finally found a stable position, still find the video itself is very uncomfortable. The most obvious is that the game is too low. In addition, the switch between the 5 cameras also need to wait for a few seconds to complete the loading – watching football this fast-paced sports broadcast live, every second is precious. Every time I switch Perspective相关的主题文章: