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We owe a TOYOTA car of the year 2017 world car of the year finalist – Sohu car car this year a total of 23 models for the "world car of the year" award, Audi, KIA 3 models, most models of selected brand. From a national point of view, there are 6 models of Korean cars, Japanese cars, German cars, American cars of the 4 models of the 5. Italy, the United Kingdom, Czech, Spain, a model finalists. Popular models for the Honda civic, Jaguar F-PACE, Volkswagen Tiguan, TOYOTA C-HR. Below, as the judges of the selection, the main one for everyone. Audi A5 S5 Coupé popular family; aspirations probability – Audi Q2: Audi Q5 aspirations probability: * * *: Audi aspirations probability is always the award winner, in the past 12 years, Audi won the two car of the year, there are 3 models finalists this year, is the most nominated brand car type, but he estimates no hope to this year, because the A5 Q2 market, the importance is not enough, Q5 is both in technology and in the design are lack of innovation. CIAT Ateca: * * car aspirations probability seems good, but the lack of real innovation, interior or a few years ago Audi style — in fact, this time several shortlisted models is vaguely the shadow of Audi. In addition, this is the world’s annual car selection, a car can only be sold in the Western European market, should not win the title. Skoda Kodiaq: * * aspirations probability I have been unable to Tucao, VISION S concept car is how amazing ah, how a production to be like this? Concept car really just cheat click? Volkswagen Tiguan Tiguan aspirations probability: * * * * may be next to the civic top second. The public is the real winner of this award, in the past 12 years 4 aspirations. But now the popular reputation of the poor, the same style of public design, but also began to be a bit impatient. The general family of Buick lacrosse LaCrosse: Buick keangkewei aspirations probability: * aspirations probability few American cars can win in the competition, in fact, in the past 12 years, not an American car to win this award, monopolized by Japanese and European cars, especially European cars, win 8 times, a Japanese car win another 4 times. This time, the United States will continue to play the role of soy sauce. But the Chinese cars should be encouraged, because the two Buick models and the Cruze are mainly in Chinese sales. Chevrolet: Chevrolet Cruze Cruze aspirations probability * * in various areas are very good, but unfortunately it still lacks a little king temperament. Chrysler family Chrysler Pacifica aspirations probability: * * frankly, Pacifica is very beautiful, as the judges, I am willing to put my vote for it, but the MPV of this class, the importance is not enough, most of the judges estimate are likely to love this car, but –相关的主题文章: