Wang Dongfeng was sworn in as mayor of Tianjin – Sohu news

Wang Dongfeng was elected mayor of the city of Tianjin – sworn oath Sohu news solemn echoing in the hall, showing extremely elegant and valuable commitment, as the interpretation of a duty. Yesterday afternoon, the sixteenth session of the Tianjin Municipal People’s Congress in the Fifth Plenary Session of the second plenary session, the newly elected mayor of Tianjin Wang Dongfeng oath to the constitution. Wang Dongfeng looked solemn, ask the left by the red "People’s Republic of China constitution", the right hand fist, reading aloud. "I pledge allegiance to the constitution of People’s Republic of China, maintain the constitutional authority, perform their statutory duties, the motherland and the people, dedication, integrity, accept the supervision of the people, strive to build a prosperous, democratic, civilized and harmonious socialist country!" The sound of loud, sonorous and forceful steady oath resounded through the hall. This is the first time the city held a new mayor’s constitutional oath. The ceremony was short, solemn and sacred, and the delegates witnessed the historic moment. According to the "decision" of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on the implementation of the constitution system and the implementation of "the constitution of Tianjin City oath system measures" provisions of the city since January 1st this year, from the city to the township national staff office should be open to the public the constitution. This is intended to highlight the authority of the constitution, incentives and education of state staff loyal to the constitution, abide by the constitution, the maintenance of the constitution, strengthen the implementation of the constitution.相关的主题文章: