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Vice Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: " Nanhai arbitration " this page has been turned over (2) – Sohu Military Channel second page: this page has been called the South China Sea arbitration over July 8th, the navy in Hainan Island to Xisha near the sea airspace organization live ammunition exercises. The troops were divided into both red and blue "back to back" offensive and defensive drills in a predetermined exercise area. This exercise is a routine annual naval training activities. Troops participating in the South China Sea Fleet forces, including Beihai and the East China Sea Fleet fleet some troops, covering aviation, submarines, surface ships and coastal defense forces of various platforms. In July 8th, the frigate fired missiles. Liu Zhenmin: the so-called South China Sea arbitration case has flip Liu Zhenmin said, according to the so-called South China Sea arbitration case, China not to acknowledge and accept the position has been accepted and recognized by more and more countries. Through this year’s China ASEAN foreign ministers’ meeting, and the just concluded China ASEAN leaders meeting, for both sides, the arbitration case has turned over the page. Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin: Why did you say that? In July 25th, Chinese ASEAN foreign ministers will through a "China and foreign ministers of ASEAN countries on the full and effective implementation of the Declaration on the conduct of parties in the South China Sea" "Joint Declaration", this statement is the most fundamental and basic principle is confirmed to settle the dispute through bilateral negotiations, held in September 7th Chinese ASEAN summit, reaffirmed the consensus Chinese, ASEAN countries around the South China Sea dispute and return to the diplomatic track. Liu Zhenmin also said that Philippines’s new president Duthel Te took office, sent a positive signal to improve relations with China, China has also made a positive response, but further improve the bilateral relations of us for more than three years, but also on both sides continue to build consensus, strengthen the contact, which will also benefit the two countries and two peoples.相关的主题文章: