U.S. officials China’s anti aircraft carrier practice difficulties for the United States to add resi clazziquai

U.S. officials: China anti carrier practice difficult to add military resistance according to the U.S. business insider website reported on 4, in a recent interview, the chief of naval operations Richardson said the anti intervention area denial (A2 AD) strategy to achieve more than difficult. However, Chinese experts believe that now the U.S. military and the media to talk about China’s regional refusal ability to turn over the hands of the cloud cover for the rain, often according to their own needs to exaggerate or shrink. Business insider website of this article entitled "the United States Navy top officials: Russia and Chinese cannot stop the U.S. aircraft carrier" reported in the American media in a recent interview, military analyst David · Majumdar asked the U.S. chief of naval operations John · Richardson, the U.S. aircraft carrier can assume China or counter the involvement of the regional Russia’s denial of sea action. The answer is clear: yes. Reported that Chinese has publicly discussed the "carrier killer" Dongfeng -21D, this is a Chinese invention, one can sink American aircraft precision guided missiles, with extraordinary range of 810 nautical miles, while the United States warships most long-range missile flight only about 550 miles. Reported that, in theory, China is able to prevent the aircraft carrier close to its coast by its missiles, and forced it outside the effective range of Chinese missiles. However, Richardson in the new U.S. security center before the speech denied this view. "I think it must have the ability to remotely strike accurately," Richardson said, but "A2 AD is a wish. In practice, it is far more difficult than imagined." Richardson believes that increased the Chinese intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance capability and radar in the South China sea reefs, theory so that they have the ability to throw strength to hundreds of kilometers away. "The combination of a wide range of reconnaissance and surveillance equipment, long-range precision strike weapons, China into a new height." Richardson said he stressed that China’s expansion into the Pacific to create a set of capabilities, so that people feel the urgency and anxiety. "But the US Navy will not be defeated or blocked by paper numbers." Richardson said, "our response is to add resistance to the opponent’s system at every step of the process to make it more difficult to operate." Richardson believes that China’s legendary ability to guess. The United States Navy is still able to confidently navigate the world, and with the F-35C and MQ-25 equipped with the United States Navy, the balance of the United States and the United states. A Chinese military experts believe that the United States before the Chinese Navy’s ability to intervene in the region, especially the "aircraft carrier killer" evaluation is too high, and even often exaggerate China’s aircraft carrier killer ability. Now it seems that some of the media speculation over the impact of the U.S. Navy’s authority, and then tried to fire, to establish confidence in the United states. Officials in the United States, China’s "aircraft carrier killer" is the best ability to cause panic in Congress and the United States will not waver in the position of the Navy, it is clear that they are working towards this goal.相关的主题文章: