U.S. media said China’s mediation of the status of the conflict in northern Burma important to promo pigeon blood

U.S. media said North Burma Chinese mediation plays an important role in new network conflict and promote the new economic and trade relations – in reference news network reported on November 28th U.S. media said that the fighting between ethnic rebels in northern Burma and government forces, forcing thousands of people to flee China in southern Yunnan Province, China triggered concerns about border security. At the same time, the conflict and the bullet flew into the Chinese reported raised the discussion on the Internet, some people make more efforts to help resolve the conflict for Chinese government, and to provide more assistance to promote reconciliation in Burma. According to voice of America radio website reported on November 24th, analysts said, in view of Chinese in conflict areas near the border of the economic benefits, can do is limited, but also indicates that Beijing could be looking for a new method. Chinese is committed to safeguarding the border Peace mediation for the delicate situation of violence, Chinese has ordered the army to a high state of alert, and called for the immediate cessation of military operations to ensure that the China Burma border area to restore stability as soon as possible, but also willing to play a constructive role in the new government of the Burma peace process and efforts to solve the dispute, and dozens of ethnic minorities year. Reported that China has always been involved in the internal affairs of other countries cautious, but has expressed support for the peace talks. Burma once every six months held peace talks, aimed at the latest before 2020 in the country to achieve complete peace. Another round of talks scheduled in February next year, there is very little conflict between the parties a stirring among the dry bones in the next round of talks before the agreed ceasefire hope. Although maintaining border stability and support for the new government of Burma to promote reconciliation efforts with Chinese interests, but Zhao Zhongqi assistant professor of Southeast Asian Studies at Jinan University in Taiwan says, China government is in a difficult and delicate situation. Reported that, in the Burma military and ethnic groups, China is too involved or help one party is more risky than the other party. There are some disputes with the government of Burma residents in the nation has on both sides of the border with Burma, these minorities demands a broad range, some want to strive for independence, while others require more autonomy. Chinese seeking new ways to promote the bilateral business relations reported that a long time, along the border minority autonomous regions is a buffer that is conducive to China commercial interests, although tensions continue, this situation is changing. Burma’s transition to democracy and the emergence of new environmental laws make it harder for Chinese companies to operate, and the involvement of civil society organizations is a new obstacle. At the same time, as Japan and the United States are increasingly involved in the local economy, China, which is still Burma’s largest trading partner, is seeing its impact eroded. Ann Gleischman at the New Delhi Peace Research Institute and dispute? Jude said Harry, because these are changing the fact that Chinese seems to be seeking a new way, in the illegal trade, promote’s commercial relations with Burma. He said: "the government of Beijing has greater economic interests in Burma, there are large-scale hydropower projects (about to open), oil and gas pipelines, road connection projects, there may be legitimate jade and.相关的主题文章: