Two. The night with a bamboo pole from a household window to steal property mmhouse

Two. The night with a bamboo pole from a household window to steal property of western network (Shaanxi radio and television news reporter Li Xiaopeng Liu Lei) two Shangluo nationality workers working in construction and understanding, in order to fast money, meet the car fled Xianyang, Xi’an two villages, often live on the first floor of the households in the middle of the night to start. With a bamboo pole pick out residents clothes, theft of property. The afternoon of November 20th, the Xianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau Branch of the Dongfeng Weicheng police squadron of police received the area Li Jiabao, tal slope residents report that at bedtime after home stolen. After receiving the report, the police rushed to the house found the victim, clothes money was stolen, and the clothes were lost in the window, but the door was intact, the preliminary judgment is the implementation of indoor theft suspects through the window. Immediately, the police investigators around the site of the investigation conducted visits to get a clue. "21 am, I pocun in Tulsa area, the first time the theft, others found, this person will chase out one of the suspects two blows, but he also did not close hand, after he ran, and continue to implement the theft in the thar village." Xianyang Public Security Bureau of Interpol police squadron Dongfeng Weicheng Jiao Guofeng said. According to the number of victims of the situation, the police also retrieved the surveillance video near the village, November 20th, No. 21 at 1 points to 6 points, two middle-aged man wandering in the village, with a length of about 35 meters of bamboo, once found in the village along the street floor window is not closed the suspect, he took a small flashlight to see, if there are inside the clothes, slowly the windows open, with a bamboo pole pick out the clothes, stole the money in clothes. In this regard, the police according to the trajectory of the two people, according to the monitoring display to track down, and ultimately determine the two suspects in the village of less than 100 meters from the small hotel. The police after careful dispatched, will eventually captured two suspects. It is understood that the suspect Zhang and Wu in Xi’an, is the site of an acquaintance to work work, because the money is too slow, so two people together in Xi’an, Xianyang two villages in the implementation of the theft, they are currently in Xianyang for the case has been implemented since more than and 10, involving more than 20 thousand yuan, the case is still under further investigation.相关的主题文章: