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" Twilight " novels published ten anniversary of   Mel’s "the rebirth" hits culture — people.com.cn original title: "Twilight" rebirth Movie Poster "Twilight" remember "Twilight"? Romantic love story capture high school student Bella and a handsome young vampire Edward has many fans, "Twilight" series of "Twilight" new moon "," Eclipse "dawn" four novels of best-selling, later adapted into a series of movies, and conquered the global fans. 10 years apart, bring the latest works "the rebirth" long writing author Mel for the reader, replaced by the male and female way of rewriting this love legend, recently, Twilight fans highly anticipated by the book has exclusive introduction of Jieli publishing. In ten years time. "Twilight" in 2005 after the publication of the United States triggered a global "Twilight" hot, captured hundreds of millions of readers, the global sales of 150 million copies. By the exclusive introduction of the relay Press published Twilight series simplified Chinese version of circulation reached 4 million. With the publication of the fourth "dawn" in 2008, the story of "Twilight" is over. After that, Stephanie, the author of the book, would never have any new work on. Fans look forward to from the perspective of "Edward’s restatement of Twilight’s" midnight sun ", but also for various reasons has been postponed indefinitely. Until the 10 anniversary of the twilight, Stephanie said: "I want to do something interesting for the anniversary of." This is the more than and 800 page of the "Twilight rebirth". Mel once said that she had written "Twilight", is derived from a dream, the dream of a young man and a young woman sitting on the grass chatting happily, bathed in sunshine, the boy is a vampire, the girl is human. Now, "Twilight rebirth", the human is male, the vampire is female, their love story will happen again? Relay press "Twilight" editor Chen Yong said, "the rebirth" using two-way reading way in the form and the story is set on the front part of the cover is green apple, the second part is the red apple, the reader can optionally began reading, read the first half points, it can be turned to read another book a story. This unique form of somatosensory reading is not just a novel, but a metaphor. (reporter Zheng Wenjing) (Chen Yuan Shiyao, commissioning editor: soup)相关的主题文章: