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Transparent computing "lifting of the veil" Intel winning the future of science and technology – Sohu today, Intel technology, Central South University, Hunan science and technology jointly issued a new cloud transparent computing system products, and announced the mass production stage. Intel ® based on the release of the product; transparent computing infrastructure software solutions, relying on the Central South University, Intel joint lab, with transparent computing theory, and ultimately by the application of new technology in Hunan longmen. Production and research work together to promote transparent computing from theory to practice, which is Intel’s first name and publish their own research and development achievements in the field of transparent computing three. Central South University, Hunan Intel, the new cloud technology jointly issued a transparent computing system products conference, Central South University and the new cloud technology to sign the agreement, aimed at promoting research and development of Central South University — Intel joint lab in transparent computing, technology innovation and help the development of transparent computing, promote the innovation of university scientific research. At the meeting, Central South University is also a partner with Intel – Jiangsu Zhuo Yi Polytron Technologies Inc signed a memorandum of cooperation in transparent computing, transparent computing to promote the development of industrialization. This is the Intel and China ecosystem partners to form a new innovation community that ecological cooperation and win-win future. Central South University and the new cloud technology agreement academician, Academy of Engineering China Central South University President Zhang Yaoxue said: "through the application of several years of practice proved that in the mobile Internet, networking and various new network terminals and other fields also have practical value view and wide application of transparent computing. With the development and popularization of mobile Internet, big data and networking technology, transparent computing will be more and more widely used, the bright future of industrialization". Transparent computing system to launch the three party products widely used in offices, such as health and education market, has multiple advantages: easy to use, the terminal plug and convenient operation and maintenance, terminal; unified management; high reliability, cloud storage is not afraid of the virus; on-demand service, cross platform multi scene; energy saving and environmental protection, high performance and low power consumption. Hunan new network technology limited company chairman Chen Yafang said: "transparent computing is a great technology, how to make better the achievements of social services, the new cloud shoulder the important mission, we will try our best to accelerate the transformation of the application of speed and intensity, have been developed by customers and market products satisfactory, ten billion level of industrialization of the dream." Intel’s software and services division vice president and general manager of Department of system technology and optimization of Michael Greene delivered a keynote speech on Intel ® provides the infrastructure transparent computing software solutions for the launch of the product, the calculation in the field of transparent, Intel has developed ten years of continuous investment, and in 2012 the establishment of Central South University, Intel transparent calculation of the joint laboratory. Intel ® transparent computing software solution will be the logical separation of computing resources and storage resources of the computer system, using flow cytometry, to provide personalized service for users of cloud computing control, with a strong leading technology, features are as follows:.相关的主题文章: