Tibet, Lhasa to create the theme of winter tourism routes onavo protect

Tibet Lhasa to build a winter theme tours reporter recently learned from the Lhasa Municipal Tourism Bureau, Lhasa is developing winter tourism planning, will be the "sunshine" and "Star" and "Festival" and "migratory birds" and "hot spring snow" winter natural and cultural landscape as the core, build the theme line, provide experience the unique charm of the snow covered plateau in winter the opportunity for tourists. "The old city is the best area to enjoy the sunshine of Lhasa." The chief of the Lhasa Municipal Bureau of tourism market, Janda said, "we will rely on the old city feature of the store, opened the" Sunshine Garden ", the sun and drink sweet tea, handmade, Thangka painting with national characteristics of leisure activities together." According to reports, Lhasa will also use a wealth of solar energy resources, the introduction of the sun, such as bottles and other specialty tourism commodities. Janda said that after the winter, Tibet is the Tibetan new year, Lantern Festival and other traditional festivals, but there is no mature winter festival tour reception system. The future, Lhasa city will combine the hostel construction, provide experience for visitors to folk custom tour route. In addition, Lhasa also plans to launch the Yangbajain hot springs, hot springs, hot springs, de Zhong and Qiu Sang a hot spring snow mountain hot spring tourist routes, by zongjiaolukang – Dragon Lake Park, Lalu wetland, Pengbo Valley reserve Linzhou black necked cranes strung "watch wetland" winter bird watching routes, including the Nam Co, Drepung Monastery, and Yangbajing places such as viewing route. Birding platform, stargazing camp and is planning the construction of related facilities. "Winter in Lhasa has a different view from summer." Janda said, in the winter, accommodation, scenic ticket prices will have a substantial discount, some tourists can not come in the season can make up for regret in the winter."相关的主题文章: