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The world’s 5 technology giant AI alliance, apple wants to go it alone? Sohu technology Sohu Lv Linxuan the world’s five largest technology companies in order to AI (Artificial Intelligence) came together to form the AI Alliance (Partnership on). The five companies, including Google and its subsidiaries DeepMind, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and IBM. The non-profit group will continue to include more AI research groups and academics. AI alliance will focus on two main objectives. One is to promote science to the public AI, and the other is to ensure that the giants in the field of AI can have a better development and practice, to receive a wider range of expert advice, especially in ethics and philosophy and other deep-seated issues. "We are committed to the research and development of AI because we believe it will change the world," said DeepMind co-founder. "The five technology giants have force AI and have some results, such as Amazon, Google voice assistant Alexa AlphaGo, IBM Facebook and Watson robot Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Microsoft Huna etc.. But no sign of a sudden coalition of people instantly doubts. On the one hand, the company has nearly five of the planet’s most comprehensive big data as the basis, whether the scope and depth of AI alliance will make the five companies for a common purpose to share some of the data still can make nothing of it concerns about privacy, but also further intensified. The future development of AI has become another focus of attention. At present, AI has been in the search engine, artificial intelligence and other aspects of the use of push, the future will be further in unmanned, education, medical, public services and other areas further cultivating. Expand the use of artificial intelligence in the breadth and depth of the influence in good, also increased people in ethics, security, employment, and even survival concerns. It is worth noting that Apple missed this important AI alliance, but this does not mean that Apple has no action in the field of AI. As early as 2015, Apple announced the deepening cooperation with IBM to jointly develop artificial intelligence health data platform. At the same time, a large number of people in the field of Apple digging and even the acquisition of some artificial Intelligent Company. Last year, Apple’s acquisition of artificial intelligence startup Perceptio to optimize the image classification, similar results have emerged on iOS 10. The continuous optimization of Siri also comes from Apple’s in-depth research and development in artificial intelligence. At the beginning of the year, Emotient was acquired by apple, an artificial intelligence start-up company. In August, apple acquired machine learning and artificial intelligence startups Turi*. Incomplete statistics, in the past two years, apple in the field of artificial intelligence related to the acquisition of up to 12 projects, apple is more willing to acquire the layout of artificial intelligence will be implemented. In fact, apart from the Siri, apple devices have begun in-depth use of artificial intelligence: Unlocking the iPhone mobile phone will automatically list the applications you use most often, what.相关的主题文章: