The wicked girl confession against still sentenced to death soojin

The wicked girl confession against still sentenced to death according to the court found that since 2009, the defendant Wang Yong through QQ chat, WeChat and other ways to find underage young, junior high school girls to chat with their friends in the name, and in some schools Post Bar said they often fight in the society "mixed" well. Many people are afraid of him. Wang Yong then looked for opportunities to meet the young girls with the methods of deception, threat and intimidation, and threatened to beat them if they didn’t meet. In order to successfully lure the victim to the designated place, Wang Yong arranged for others to meet with the victim, to determine that the victim was not accompanied by the victim, and then took the victim to the hotel room, and then adopted verbal threats or violent means to encroach on them. Wang Yong also instructed others to help him or her contact with some young or junior high school girls on the Internet, and take them to the hotel room where they opened beforehand, and use language threats, violence and other means to encroach on them. Through these means, Wang Yong infringed on 16 young girls and girls. In addition, Wang Yong also told the parents of the victims to tell the truth of a stationery shop owner extortion. After Wang Yong was brought to justice, he refused to confess to the crime facts and basically belonged to "zero confession". Only in the first interrogation, he confessed that he had sex with the victim Chen, but argued that Chen was voluntary. After the investigation, prosecution, the first instance and the second trial, they refused to plead guilty and did not make any excuse. In the first instance, the Wuhu intermediate court sentenced Wang Yong to death and deprived of his political rights for life. After sentencing, Wang Yong appealed. When the second session was held, Wang Yong refused to confess and tried to escape from trial by self mutilation. The court of second instance adopts the remote video trial to hear the case. The magistrates court after review of the law, although Wang Yong in the investigation and prosecution, the first and the second stage are the basic system of "zero confession", always refused to confession, but through the comprehensive consideration of the victim’s statements, identify transcripts, witness testimony, accomplice confession, forensic opinion evidence, through comprehensive analysis and certification, has formed a complete that system is sufficient to identify the facts of the crime. The Supreme Court upheld the original judgment and reported it to the Supreme Court for approval. 16 girls, girls against the villain was arrested after he refused to confess to the facts of the crime, basically belongs to the "zero confession". For such cases, the court how to judge? In November 3rd, in the fourth batch of reference cases issued by the provincial high court, the answer was: death penalty! According to the introduction, in the fourth batch of reference cases, in which the typical cases of the detailed exposition of a lot of trial difficulties have been a good answer. In the case of "zero confession" in criminal cases, Wang Yong’s rape and extortion case as a reference case, showing in detail the objective evidence is weak, the court how to correctly apply the rules of criminal evidence, to form a complete proof system. A typical case released to the referee uniform scale, avoid "somesentence", promote the judicial impartiality and credibility of the role. Reporter Lei Qiang

恶徒侵害少女 零口供照样判死刑   据法院审理查明,自2009年起,被告人王勇通过QQ聊天、微信等方式寻找在校初中未成年幼、少女,以交友为名与她们聊天,并在一些学校的贴吧中称自己在社会“混”得很好,经常打架,很多人都非常惧怕他。进而,王勇找机会以诱骗 、威胁、恐吓的方法要求与这些幼、少女见面,并扬言若不见面便要对她们进行殴打。为了能顺利将被害人诱骗至指定地点,王勇安排他人先与被害人见面,确定被害人身边没有人陪同,再将被害人带至宾馆房间,之后采取言语威胁或暴力手段将其侵害。王勇还指使他人帮助他在网络上或者身边多接触一些年纪小的或者刚上初中的女学生,并将她们带至自己事先开好的宾馆房间,采取语言威胁、暴力等手段将其侵害。通过上述手段,王勇共侵害16名幼女、少女。此外,王勇还对向受害人家长告知实情的某文具店老板进行敲诈勒索。   王勇归案后,对犯罪事实拒不供认,基本上属于“零口供”,仅在第一次讯问中承认和被害人陈某发生了性关系,但是辩称陈某是自愿的。在之后的侦查、起诉、一审、二审期间,均拒不认罪,也不做任何辩解。一审时,芜湖市中级法院判处王勇死刑,剥夺政治权利终身。宣判后,王勇提出上诉。二审开庭时,王勇拒不供认,并采取自残的方式逃避审判。 二审法院采取远程视频庭审方式开庭审理。裁判法院经依法审查,认为虽然王勇在侦查、起诉、一审、二审阶段均基本系 “零口供”,始终拒不供述,但通过综合考量被害人陈述、辨认笔录、证人证言、同案犯供述、法医鉴定意见等证据,通过综合分析认证,已形成完整的证明体系,足以认定犯罪事实。经省高院二审,维持原判,并报经最高院核准。   侵害16名幼女、少女的恶徒归案后对犯罪事实拒不供认,基本上属于“零口供”。对于这样的案件,法院该怎么判? 11月3日,在省高院发布的第四批参考性案例中给出了答案:死刑!   据介绍,在第四批参考性案例中,其中典型案件的详细阐述对很多审判难点都进行了很好的解答。在刑事案件的“零口供”情况中,王勇强奸、敲诈勒索案作为参考性案例,详细展示了客观证据薄弱,法院如何正确运用刑事证据规则,形成完整的证明体系。典型案例的发布,起到了统一裁判尺度,避免“同案不同判”,促进司法公正和公信的作用。   记者 雷强相关的主题文章: