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The United States sued China airline employee before   event or involved in smuggling; case – technology – original title: the United States sued China Airlines before employees involved in smuggling or case [Global Times reported] The Associated Press reported U.S. prosecutors in August 31st sued by a former employee of a China airline, accusing it of helping China in the United States who smuggled goods last year "China citizens to assist a full investigation by the FBI to flee the United states". And the source of the case, it is Macao’s richest man was indicted by the United States, the United Nations official bribery case. According to reports, the person named Lin Ying (sound), 46 years old, she was indicted in New York on the federal court in the United States on the 31. U.S. prosecutors said in the indictment, Lin Ying worked for China’s airlines at New York John Fitzgerald Kennedy International Airport, has helped Chinese people in the United States through flight smuggling package. In return, she received a discount on some of the duty-free shops and duty-free electronics". Prosecutors accused the United States and Britain of the second charges of obstruction of justice, saying that she had last year to assist a Chinese citizen to be investigated by FBI flight fled the United states. Reuters said, although prosecutors did not disclose the name of Chinese citizen’s name, but his description and Qin fly anastomosis, the person is suspected to be connected with the FBI Chinese intelligence department, is the central figure in case another major — Macao Regal Wu Lisheng bribery investigation "of america". Prosecutors said the United States, Qin Fei is a partner of Wu Lisheng, is the partner of Lin Ying, Lin Ying also helped him decorate a house in the United states. In September 2015, Wu Lisheng was arrested in the United States, was charged to the UN General Assembly President John? Ashe bribes of more than $500 thousand, to let Ashe lobbying the United Nations to support the construction of the conference center in Macao, Wu Lisheng, the company responsible for the project. Ashe was subsequently arrested, but in June this year, a sudden death of heart disease. In August this year, Wu Lisheng through his lawyer pointed out that the United States authorities on his investigation is not bribery, but his one partner is not China agents, the U.S. government sued him for "political purposes, in order to cancel the construction of conference center in Chinese plan against Chinese influence on developing countries". (Xu Zhenzhen) (commissioning editor Wei Yan and Zhao Zhuqing)相关的主题文章: