The unique two Buddha and Yungang Grottoes meyou

Yungang Grottoes unique "two Buddha" and "two Buddha and is in a circular arch niche, and sit around two statues in numerous Grottoes has very few records like the Yungang Grottoes" and two Buddha image, Mogao Grottoes, the Maijishan grottoes, the Longmen Grottoes were not seen similar scenes. The niche shape for the round niches, carved kannei two Buddha sit, thin eyebrow, is benevolent nose. The flame in the sky and sitting Buddha carved back. Between two Buddha, under the carving of the two sides of the Buddha, on the carving of the flying and the support of the two days of the two. Niche lintel trim flying. According to statistics, in the room of about 385 "two Buddhas and" niche, almost every cave have this image. Or placed in the wall, or two wall or the south wall, also some carved arches or out the window, it can be said that it is a typical Yungang Grottoes statues. "Two Buddha statues and the technique as an accepted language symbol, convey the spirit trend at this time in history and art level. In other grottoes of Buddhist statues is a statue of Lord Buddha and two Bodhisattvas, two gods in the left and right, then feed people. Look at every Mountain Grottoes, statues show the majesty of noble consecration rhyme has a palace layout including grand beauty, rich have absolutely clear powers of the state, and the feudal hierarchy in Vicenza, if the concept of shadow. "Two Buddha and Buddhist scriptures in the" to "Lotus Sutra" as the basis, this sutra is the last 50 years that Shakya Muni was teaching very early in the China spread, but the main contents are rarely adopted early Buddhist art forms, including eleventh "goods" in the early pagoda, cave temple is the common "Lotus Sutra" content, form "two Buddha sit". It explains why many contents of real meaning of the "two Buddhas and" in Buddhist art performance. As a kind of religious art form, "two Buddhas and non is purely physical object, pay more attention to the Dharma, Buddhism believers worship Buddha to promote, guide, to generate ideas from the bottom of my heart. "The other one on the basis of the two Buddha sitting together", is associated with the political situation. According to the records of "Wei Shu", the emperor Wencheng died in 465 BC, Emperor Xiaowen of the throne, the Empress Dowager Feng court hearing, after years in the Empress Dowager "centralize power on major issues" situation. In the special political situation of the royal family, qingui said Feng and Emperor Xiaowen "two st.". The double cave of Yungang Grottoes is a typical symbol of this regime. Two Buddha and niche in the "two Buddha" and "two saints" of the show, has a unique political meaning. Early Yungang Grottoes, such as tanyao five caves, cave East, West and south wall generally carved this "two Buddha and" niche, on the whole, the Buddha decoration is simple and is simple and clean.相关的主题文章: