The price of 179 thousand and 800 yuan from a new generation of Dongfeng Renault Koleos officially l tamiflu

The price of 179 thousand and 800 yuan from a new generation of Dongfeng Renault Koleos officially listed – Beijing, Beijing, November 11, 10 days, a new generation of Dongfeng Renault Koleos in Shenzhen officially listed, the new car launched a total of two displacement of 7 models, the price of 179 thousand and 800 yuan -26.98 yuan. A new generation section I is a Chinese consumer demand in front of the global R & D models, is the Dongfeng Renault second pound vehicle, C+ level positioning SUV market "brand new intermediate SUV". It sets the delicate design of the atmosphere, super comfortable space and innovative human technology in one, designed to bring the new social backbone of the charm of the car experience. Renault is Europe’s second largest car manufacturer, the accumulation and heritage of the past 118 years, so that we continue to harvest success. We Chinese profound insight into the needs of consumers, and forward-looking perspective in the future. A new generation section I is Reynolds hundred years’ skill ‘latest masterpiece." Reynolds, chairman of the Asia Pacific region Reynolds senior vice president and President of Dongfeng Renault automobile company Folland said: "as a global flagship SUV, a new generation section I from the beginning will be the most front-end R & D Chinese consumer demand in the consumer, the highlight of Chinese full of sincerity." A new generation section I is the latest interpretation of Reynolds life stage design language, design exquisite atmosphere. The 4672mm long body, so that the vehicle in the vision of large, robust; sharp eagle wings of face, wide stretch of the grille and on both sides of all LED headlights fused into full Eagle wing shape, more freedom and power performance; C LED daytime driving let body lines more gas, full of tension. With large space sense and excellent quality, a new generation section I cockpit bring the visual, tactile, auditory and olfactory senses all, called 720° a comfortable space. 289mm rear knee space, make the long journey to enjoy a selection from America; quality first layer of leather seat fabric and the selection of Nappa senior leather wrapped steering wheel, delicate and soft; 7 inch TFT color digital dashboard and colored LED lights to create the atmosphere, such as polar light bright and colorful atmosphere; with heating and create a comfortable seat ventilation function, mobile home; BOSE5.1 channel hall vehicle sound system with excellent mute technology, allowing occupants to be quiet in the mobile space, the field hall experience personally on the scene. Renault has been adhering to the innovation and humanized design concept, a new generation section I to enrich the human science and technology configuration for consumers at ease and comfortable intelligent life experience. 8.7 inches large screen, vertical screen design more in line with the current consumer habits. New Renault R-Link2 multimedia system also perfectly compatible with CarPlay mobile phone and mobile phone Internet system, apple, after the display interface will automatically switch to the iOS style, allow consumers to easily use the telephone call, text reading, map navigation, music player and other functions of the mobile phone in the familiar. A new generation section I is equipped with ADAS intelligent driver assistance.相关的主题文章: