The poor guy Chongqing borrowed 3000 yuan to do micro business after two years worth millions drop dead diva

The poor guy Chongqing borrowed 3000 yuan to do micro business after two years worth millions of a villa, two sets of office property card Chen Jiang in his villa recently, Chen Jiangquan bought a townhouse, two offices from two years ago to find a friend borrowed 3000 yuan to do micro business, to the net worth of millions, he only two years of time. Villa and two offices are all his money to buy Chen Jiang, aged 30 years, the last two months, he bought a series of townhouse, the two offices, and all the money is. Yesterday, the reporter went to the streets of Yubei District Xing Xing San Bao Avenue, a residential district, Chen Jiang’s townhouse is being renovated, the whole paragraph 1 million 500 thousand yuan. Then, the reporter went to treasure St. Avenue 209, saw Chen Jiang’s two office, a room of more than and 40 square meters, the entire set of $760 thousand. Reporters saw his three "immovable property certificate", and in the city real estate authority website to enter the name of the river and the title of the number of inquiries, are real. Chen Jiang said that he began to do micro business from August 2014, the money to buy villas and office are doing micro business earned, he sold the acupuncture paste, a health care products for the origin of Hebei, Tangshan. Reporters through the Tangshan City food and drug administration to query, the product does have a record. The reporter also learned from Chen Jiang’s parents and small noodle shop in Yubei steam Bo Friends Peng Yizhong, Chen Jiang now has 10 million of assets, a monthly income of 500 thousand yuan – 2 million. After Chen Jiang allowed reporters to see his three bank deposits, two Internet financial products, coupled with his real estate, really worth millions. He is from Fengjie rural capital is 3000 yuan by Chen Jiang claiming to be "love rural wanderers" from Fengjie, the "Shi Gang Xiang rural children" memories, two years ago, he made 3000 yuan capital derivative are looking for friends to borrow. 2006, Chen Jiang came to Chongqing from Shek Kong, studying at the Chongqing University of Science and Technology, specializing in CNC technology, when the family was poor, he applied for student loans, living expenses 300 yuan a month." Chen Jiang’s father, Chen Shifu, said. 2009, graduated from the College of Chen Jiang to a gas station in Shandong do metrology, monthly income of about 2000 yuan. In 2011, Chen Jiang returned to Chongqing, then the mobile phone film normalizing, Chen Jiang bought film tools, self-study film, from a stall in the University City rented more than and 10 square meters of shops, from the mobile phone film to sell mobile phone shell, school supplies, "by 2014, not a penny saved, full rent." August 2014, Chen Jiang began to do micro business, I find a good friend, Wu Xiujuan borrowed 3000 yuan, into the semi box mask, began to do micro business. Later to do too much mask, and I will turn to do acupuncture paste, until now." Do micro business net worth of millions he is how to do it within two years, Chen Jiang worth millions of exactly how to do? He summed up the two "dry cargo" – is a retail and wholesale customers together, to become agents. Micro business to do the first month, I earned ten thousand. In second months, I began to persuade customers to represent my products and encourage them to sell相关的主题文章: