The next time you hit Uber is probably an unmanned car nlite

The next time you use Uber to play is probably the driverless car in May this year, Uber began testing self driving cars in the open road, last month Uber announced the end of the month will be in Pittsburgh to set up a driverless taxi fleet. However, half a month later, this unprecedented plan is still not implemented. Now, Uber finally released a good news to the industry, the user can use Uber to hit the driverless car. The United States on Wednesday local time, Uber in advanced technology center in Pittsburgh (ATC) said that through the UberX after orders have the opportunity to take the Ford hybrid (Ford Fusion) unmanned aerial vehicles, and loyal customer standard is based on the use of Uber taxi frequency and their position to choose. In addition, Uber will also use e-mail to inform the user whether the opportunity to get a free ride. Uber official said, the team is composed of 14 unmanned taxis, these vehicles will only be fixed on the road. Each car is equipped with a front camera, 360° LIDAR sensor. In order to ensure the safety of the car driver is a professional training engineer, the copilot position as well as a dedicated engineer to oversee the operation of unmanned vehicles. It should be noted that, when riding a driverless car, customers also need to agree to Uber real-time shooting inside and outside the car, so that Uber through these records to study the reaction of passengers. Next, Uber will announce the team’s fees, all users have the opportunity to enjoy the service of driverless taxi. Unfortunately, if you want to take Uber’s driverless taxi, first you have to be in Pittsburgh. Why Pittsburgh? As everyone knows, with a great reputation of Carnegie Mellon University is located in Pennsylvania city of Pittsburgh. In early 2014, Uber hired 50 top robotics expert at the Carnegie Mellon University, last year also set up in this advanced technology center of a dedicated unmanned (Advanced Technologies Center) Uber, at present, more than 500 of the total number of employees in Pittsburgh. In addition, because the government of Pittsburgh has not set too many restrictions on unmanned test items, and Uber has become the focus of government support. It is understood that the mayor of Pittsburgh Bill (Bill) has been working with Uber to maintain a cooperative relationship, he even took a piece of the city’s riverside area leased to Uber as a test section of the road, Peduto. Not long ago, Uber also affirmed the role of the government of Pittsburgh on driverless car projects: if there is no support from the city leadership, our work will be difficult to achieve." At the right time, Uber this operation unmanned taxi is not surprising. Of course, Uber’s investment in driverless cars not only that. A month ago, Uber also announced the formation of a $300 million alliance with Volvo to develop automatic driving, and to the United States 680 million"相关的主题文章: