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The first half of the TV industry news: sorrow is half price war crisis still resorted to a combination of boxing color TV manufacturers half annunciation sorrow is half of traditional manufacturers using "combined" reporter Ni Yuqing Intern Fang Huiyun Guangzhou reported continued downturn in the color TV industry is still in the transformation of the road twists and turns, performance after bottoming, this year seems to have signs of transient recovery. In August 30th, Konka announced the semi annual report, and finally turn around. So far, in addition to Hongkong listed SKYWORTH, the mainland’s color TV giant TCL, Hisense, Changhong have been handed over the first half results. From the earnings point of view, the company is in a state of profitability, but the color TV business revenues have varying degrees of decline. Changhong TV revenues of 6 billion 240 million yuan, down by $20.51%, Hisense was $11 billion 920 million, a decrease of 7.66% over the same period last year, the main TV TCL multimedia turnover of $11 billion 970 million, down by 1.63%. The past two years, in addition to Hisense and SKYWORTH to maintain a good rally, the rest of the manufacturers have experienced turbulence. In the face of price decline, and prices, the panel Internet brand snatch, traditional manufacturers are still difficult. In this case, they have also hit the flow of technology, mergers and acquisitions and other combinations of industries. Compared to last year’s collective decline in profits and the majority of the loss, the first half of this year, the performance of the color TV industry began to rebound. In terms of profits, in addition to TCL multimedia fell 23.9%, the rest of the manufacturers have risen. Among them, Hisense net profit of 741 million yuan, an increase of 18.53%; Changhong and Konka is to reverse the situation of huge loss last year, Changhong net profit attributable to the listed shareholders of 460 million yuan, an increase of 695.33%; Konka was 12 million 834 thousand and 700 yuan, an increase of 104.32%. In 2015, Changhong losses of up to 1 billion 976 million yuan, a loss of 1 billion 257 million yuan konka. Within six months of this year, the two companies completed the goal of profitability. However, the performance of the first half of the boost from non recurring gains and losses, including the disposal of non current assets, government subsidies, investment, etc.. Changhong reported a net profit of non deduction is 170 million yuan, while the non Jiakou Kang is still at a loss after. In the company’s overall revenue to 32 billion 775 million yuan, in addition to Changhong’s revenue grew 9.78%, the rest of the company has declined, Konka total revenue 8 billion 609 million yuan, down 3.75%; Hisense’s operating income was 13 billion 289 million yuan, down 5.09%. It is worth noting that the trouble caused by the price war continues. Although the first half of this year, sales of color TV usher in revenue, but the average price is still in decline. According to the PRC, monitoring data show that the first half of 2016, the online market average price of 2304 yuan, down 17%; line the average market price of 3381 yuan, down 9.7%. According to Ovid yunwang (AVC) industry chain data show that the first half of 2016, Chinese color TV retail market size of 23 million 510 thousand units, an increase of 6相关的主题文章: