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The aunt of blood flows into the river to swim before you start using tampons do lead: the Olympic Games the past words for a long time, we must have to believe some woman something curious is that female swimmer if aunt came, what to do? Well, you know the world except the aunt towel, there is a product called tampon is good! (source: bazaar) Barbara sister wanted to mention "aunt", more than 80% of the National Women’s first thought is a sanitary napkin! But it’s firmly restrict our freedom: sleep dare turn, swimming is dreaming, even when walking pace can feel some roaring waves…… This is not what, the most sad is that hot summer, the feeling of pain only to be sensed, not explained. BUT! In this world there is a product that allows girls to be liberated! Students! Cotton! Strip! In fact, the tampon has become very popular in foreign countries, but in our country is still relatively rare species, Barbara today to give you a look at the popularity of sister tampons those things. In those years the tampon back over the pots of sliver can really swim? Sliver can block blood flow, therefore it can be swimming, snorkeling and diving without pressure. But after swimming, sliver will be more humid, remember immediately replaced. Virgo can use tampons? From the professional point of view, it is absolutely possible! The hymen is a ring, the central hole, can make blood flow in vitro. The size of the hole varies from person to person, with a diameter of 2.5 cm. Choose smaller tampons, generally will not damage the hymen. In addition, the cervix diameter is 0.l~0.2 cm, while the tampon diameter is 1.32~1.42 cm, can’t pass through the cervix into the uterus, but not from the uterus into the abdominal cavity. Will not produce harmful ingredients to the body? Tampons are 100% cotton, will not cause any harm to the body, and the catheter and sliver are sterilized, can be assured that use. Can not use sliver when I sleep? A tampon for the longest time is eight hours, basically are recommend four to six hours to replace one, so that when you sleep can use tampons. Teach you how to correctly use tampons Step1: the front part of the deep into the inside of Step2: just like an injection with index finger in pipe down Step3: the catheter was removed, leaving only the sliver in the body can be. How about? Fried chicken is simple and convenient! To abandon the hot towel aunt, we complete liberation of women’s freedom ~ JOSAYS Quan long catheter organic cotton tampons – common type 20 pack 90 yuan for 20 cigarettes from the European natural organic cotton tampons, raw materials from the Dezhou organic cotton production, degradable disposable paper skin duct design of low sensitivity, the first time it can easily push the body. Through the United States Food and drug administration, FDA and other international certification, to give women the freedom to feel at ease when相关的主题文章: