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Strange clinic: 400 yuan medical expenses 1234 yuan " car " send the patient to the Beijing station – according to informed sources, the clinic is divided into three parts, two floor, first floor and second floor most pharmacy doctor used to do business. The rest of the first floor is rented out to the dentist, "Dentistry and physiotherapy are not involved". The clinic hung Chengdu Taurus new friendship clinic "and" Chengdu New Technology Research Institute of Chinese medicine "two pieces of vertical tablet on the first floor door. The four take the patient to the clinic after waiting car clinic pharmacy 1 blame prescription fee of 1234 yuan, the reporter visited the pharmacy network and verified the price does not exceed 400 yuan 2 blame "clinic" and "research" two brands, a boss at the door "afternoon rest" 3 strange reporters come to see is cold to clinic is being brought in to receive patients with various diseases 4 blame "car" send the patient to the train station, informed sources said this is to ensure the patients to avoid trouble. Recently, a three Ring Road West No. 22 at a clinic in continuous exposure. Hang a new Chengdu Institute of science and technology, and the new Taurus friendship clinic Chengdu two brands of clinics on the Internet repeatedly accused of high prices amazing". Chengdu Daily reporter survey last week, to uncover the mysterious veil of the ordinary "clinic clinic" and the so-called "Institute" executive department of the same person, from scattered in some men and women near hospitals were brought to the clinic, and then by the "medical experts" high prices alone, at least than similar drugs your market 4 times. The strange thing is, although at the clinic door, the door is not admissions patients, but those who came to Chengdu to see a doctor on the field in the elderly. November 18th, for the 65 year old Yang Popo, is a desperate day. In order to cure the disease, she alone from early to late, from the mountains of Ya’an traveled to Chengdu to see a doctor, but in a set. In the new Taurus friendship clinic in Chengdu, Yang mother, like everyone else, suffered high priced drugs". Queuing "enthusiasm" help address: Oh, no, a day earlier, Yang mother alone from the mountains of Ya’an came to Chengdu to see a doctor, her dress, gray hair, a pair of sports shoes on the feet have faded seriously, is not clear. Yang Popo’s voice was low, "thinking of going to the big hospital in Chengdu, to treat an old problem — dry syndrome." 18, Yang mother got up early, more than 7 points into the outpatient department of West China Hospital of Sichuan gate. At this point, the automatic registration machine is already crowded around. She is not easy to row to the front of the registration machine, but with a medical card stuck – how can this machine to spit out the registration form? "Elder sister, give me a medical card! I’m here to help you!" At this time, a middle-aged woman wearing a black jacket warmly greeted, about 50 years old. She took Yang Popo’s hand without demur of the medical card, inserted into the registration machine. "Look at what disease you, sister? Which section?" A stranger, Yang Popo on the road相关的主题文章: