Shenzhou eleven spacecraft returned home today, Lu Jinghaipeng, home –

Shenzhou eleven spacecraft returned to Lu Jinghaipeng today, "home" – before the return of Shenzhou spacecraft Shenzhou eleven, the main landing area is ready to go. Xinhua News Agency yesterday at 12:41, the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft with Tiangong two space laboratory successfully separated, astronaut Jing Haipeng, Chen Dong is about to embark on the return trip. As of now, they have been living and working 30 days in the Tiangong two space laboratory, creating a new record China astronaut dwell time. According to the plan, after the end of 33 days of space flight, the astronauts will be in Inner Mongolia, Siziwangqi, the main landing site today to return to the motherland. Tiangong two space laboratory will continue to be in orbit, carry out relevant scientific experiments, in April 2017 to accept a spacecraft to visit the day boat. – released astronauts evacuation Temple yesterday, separation combination before the astronauts in the ground with the science and technology personnel, withdrawing the Tiangong two cabin on the testing device and the important items, placed in the Shenzhou eleven capsule. Leave the Tiangong two before Jing Haipeng, Chen Dong expressed gratitude and respect to the ground of scientific and technical personnel and concern and support of the aerospace industry people. Subsequently, the two astronauts in a spacesuit, back to the Shenzhou eleven capsule, closing the door of the re-entry capsule, to return before the preparatory work. Two spacecraft after separation, the Shenzhou eleven first evacuated to 120 meters anchor points to keep the position, to confirm the normal state, under the control of the instructions on the ground gradually away from the Temple No. two. Today, the Shenzhou eleven return capsule will be the first time from a height of about 393 km on the track to return from the space station to assess the operation of the track to return to the relevant technology. Tiangong two will continue to carry out scientific experiments in orbit, and in April 2017 received a spacecraft to visit the day boat. The 1 spacecraft returned to Earth – how? After entering the atmosphere was surrounded by flames for 33 days in orbit, the Shenzhou eleven to "go home", the first step is to Tiangong two and separated, then into the return rail brake drag. Subsequently, the spacecraft began to fall freely. Before leaving the original track to enter the atmosphere, the spacecraft to complete the separation of the propulsion module, the establishment of re-entry attitude, the re-entry module to establish a correct Re-entry Attitude Angle (the direction of the speed and the local horizontal angle). This angle must be accurately controlled in a certain range, if the angle is too small, the spacecraft will be wiped from the edge of the atmosphere and not returned; if the angle is too large, the spacecraft returned too fast, like a meteor will burn up in the atmosphere. After re-entry into the dense atmosphere, the re-entry capsule is the worst stage in the process. The air density increasing, the returns cabin and the intense air friction, the temperature at the bottom of up to several thousand degrees Celsius, the returns cabin surrounded by flames, therefore, take special measures to return to the cabin to heat. Finally, the re-entry module starts the parachute landing. At the height of about 10 kilometers away from the ground, the recovery and landing system of the capsule began to work out, has guided umbrella parachute and a main umbrella, the returns cabin speed slowly decreased, and throw away the heat end. In the distance from the ground 1 meters or so, the start of the anti Daisy相关的主题文章: