Shanghai grassroots sports association to try to run the Olympic champion cosmax

Shanghai grassroots sports association tried to Olympic champion when President of Xinhua News Agency Shanghai November 9th sports special telegram (Li Rong Yuan Zhaoyu) to the administrative used by retired cadres as president of Shanghai city of Xuhui District Swimming Association, an association in recent elections, the election "folk" Olympic swimming champion Le Jingyi as president, while the original division club the legal representative and the president, also held by Le Jingyi. This is the first time in Shanghai, Xuhui District Sports Bureau of the sports industry association to try to go to the executive". It is understood that after the start of the new Xuhui District Swimming Association, the first job is to visit the region’s 47 swimming pools, and strive to make most of the venues to become members of the association. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the swimming events, in the association set up venues, coaches, training teams and other 5 operational teams to provide services for the venue. The original government to support the swimming project, the government will be commissioned by the way the purchase of the association. Xuhui District sports bureau Party Secretary Yuan Xinhua said that the traditional pattern of sports management, obviously can not keep up with the development of social sports in the national fitness boom driven by the needs of the development. At present, there are 47 swimming pools in Xuhui District, of which the social enterprises do venues, far more than the venue within the system, the need to strengthen industry self-regulation. In the past the swimming association, there are few social enterprises to participate in. Most of the work is focused on various types of training and competition. In order to swim training, but also the main cooperation within the system and several swimming pools, and dozens of other swimming venues rarely contact, there is no task in this regard." It is reported that the swimming association transformation is just the first step in Shanghai City, Xuhui District grassroots sports management system reform, then Xuhui District will be based on the national fitness and social "Sports" development needs to evaluate other sports association, the turn to turn into "zombies", for individual state associations, such as Motorcycle Association, due to the occurrence of the change of the urban environment, has lost the objective condition, will be canceled. (end) editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: