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See how Audi and Wei LED production line opened the FAW – Volkswagen factory – Sohu automobile automobile Sohu [truth] recently truth laboratory FAW Volkswagen car frequently introduced, following a new generation of MAGOTAN listing, and launched the blue collar, today the truth will enter the new MAGOTAN and uncle Wei LED production base, located in the Changchun FAW mass production line two car factory, Volkswagen and Audi research on product line is how to produce? At present, FAW – Volkswagen, Changchun Foshan and Chengdu three factories, and two factories in Tianjin and Qingdao are preparing to build, three existing plants are responsible for the production of different models, the truth came to the factory Changchun uncle today is the FAW – Volkswagen headquarters, is also one of the earliest production base, and three factories one of the largest, it bears the most important production of FAW Volkswagen models, including Audi Q5, Audi A6L, MAGOTAN core models. And the truth is today mainly visit uncle car factory two, responsible for the production of Audi Q3, the new MAGOTAN, CC and blue collar. In the two car factory, Audi and Volkswagen models to see the truth of tertiary is the production line, which give VW and Audi car production level. In the process of car production, mainly through stamping, welding, painting and assembly of four process, we first visited the whole stamping workshop, steel and aluminum stamping is provided by the supplier will carefully smelting, the FAW – Volkswagen factory 6 stamping process: drawing, trimming, punching, flanging, plastic and detection, frame structure and eventually made the main body frame. Two car stamping workshop plant has 115 employees, but the Tertiary in the workshop did not see how many workers, workers only see in front of the computer and the final detection zone, and more employees in the office, this is because the workshop uses more intelligent production completely by machine manufacturing arm. But people just monitor the operation of the machine, we see that the FAW – Volkswagen used Miller Weingarten stamping machines, robots and other advanced equipment KUKA. We can see from the video, the entire production is in a closed environment, through continuous handling robot arm, sent to the press different zones, the completion of the final through the 6 processes mentioned above, the robot arm running speed is very fast, every minute of the 13 products in the production, and from the gate 6 after it is from a plate to the whole process of products, efficient production of robots to let people admire. From the stamping workshop, production of the main frame of the vehicle will come to the welding workshop for welding, the final formation of the main frame structure of the vehicle body in white is said in the industry. In the welding workshop, the truth is a lot of TERT also saw machine arm in the work, workers rarely see, here is widely used in cutting-edge technology, including: laser welding, MAG welding, MIG welding, TOX punching, laser welding is the FAW – Volkswagen first in the industry for large-scale applications, this technology will lead the industry as a whole the progress of the manufacturing technology. From the process diagram, we can.相关的主题文章: