Samsung mobile phone market to fill the vacuum 10 million market release zibba

Samsung mobile phone market to fill the vacuum? Million market release though Samsung has repeatedly stressed that the state line version of Note 7 does not exist in the battery explosion hazard, and normal sales, but the explosion door incident continues to ferment still has a great impact on the development of the market in the Chinese Samsung mobile phone. Samsung mobile phone more than 22 million of total sales in the Chinese market last year, and now with a large share of the market has become the object of domestic mobile phone collective snatch, HUAWEI, millet, music and other manufacturers also have plans to launch a new mobile phone. Industry experts believe that the Samsung mobile phone has evolved as a springboard for domestic manufacturers crisis growth, but how in this snatch war talent shows itself the key lies in technological innovation, product upgrades and user experience. Tens of thousands of market release good things do not go out, the bad news." Communications industry experts Liu Qicheng said, Samsung Note 7 series of explosions, has let people have a great challenge to Samsung product quality, the explosion not only directly affects the Note 7 product sales, but also affect all Samsung mobile phone sales. In this critical period, the greater the impact. Some practitioners pointed out that, whether it is apple, Samsung, HUAWEI, millet, music or love, have released new mobile phone in the year 8, September or so, this is not accidental, because the year begins from the time point of mobile phone market will enter the sales season. IDC data show that in 2015 the total global shipments of Samsung mobile phone 325 million. Liu Qicheng boldly predicted by the impact of the explosion 7 Note, Samsung’s global market sales will decline sharply this year, there may be a decline of nearly 50 million or even nearly 100 million. Samsung did not recall in China, but the industry generally believe that Note 7 in the Chinese market will not have too much. According to Shiner released data show that in 2015 4G mobile phone market Chinese total sales of 291 million, of which sales of 22 million 425 thousand samsung. Industry observers Hong Shibin said that in recent years, according to the development of the domestic mobile phone manufacturers as well as the tragic situation of competition, because the explosion, this year the proportion of Samsung’s decline in China will certainly be greater than other regions. For Note 7 sales in the Chinese market, the Beijing Business Daily reporter also consulted Samsung, but as of press time, the other did not give a response. But Beijing Daily reporter visited the capital of a mobile phone store located in Chaoyang District, sales staff feedback is: Samsung Note mobile phone almost no one to buy." Domestic manufacturers to benefit the most because of the explosion of Samsung lost market share, will be divided by other competitors. Insiders pointed out that the Note 7 explosion doors should be the most direct beneficiaries of apple, Samsung and apple iPhone Note series products are the main high-end market, the audience coincidence degree is high, the user directly to the possibility of a large apple. In fact, apple does add to the supplier iPhone 7 new orders. But China’s mobile phone manufacturers may be the biggest beneficiary, in the world’s top ten smartphone manufacturers, Chinese companies have a number of Samsung, some high-end users will turn to the dimension of the相关的主题文章: