Rong Jie gold 1250 formation potential oil phase on the bottom pressure

Rong Jie: 1250 gold forming potential oil phase on the bottom pressure day gold continued weakness, ADP employment weakness does not provide support for gold, last night announced the initial jobless claims to 249 thousand people, to a 40 year low, the price of gold under pressure to fall, fell to 1249.5, since the British retreat European referendum most low, thus it can be seen that after the price of gold fell below 1300 and 100 daily combined support, the market bearish sentiment is still heavier, more sensitive to market data in favor of the Fed rate hike. 8:30 this evening, the U.S. Department of Labor issued non-agricultural data, as the monthly economic events of the top seed, certainly will cause both sides of the main competition, although the gold market Powei crash Tuesday, ahead of the outbreak is suspected, but is currently still not effect. 2016 is global events of the year, the British retreat European referendum, OPEC production, two frozen American general election, the Fed rate hike, the RMB into the basket and so on, fundamental and technical cooperation, brought gold and silver in the first half of the big bull market, after the high shock lasted March long tug of war, two have broken down a short time, atmosphere, long suppressed to the naked. According to our recent medium-term trend analysis, gold is under 1300 1250-1260 interval, the 1250 line is a British referendum on opening up position, at the same time is the average of the 210 line where the United support relatively strong, and the 250 day moving average is set in 1225 line; but in 100 day and 120 day moving average to 1310, 1304 to form the United area that is the current stage of middle pressure. The concept of the current record, gold three thousand mark competition, this short battle victory, the bulls have the second and 1250 area to bear again and. Wednesday with small non farm ADP performance is not ideal, the actual value of 154 thousand lower than the previous value and market expectations, as an important prospective payrolls data index is expected tonight payrolls announcement Dumbledore value of large components, but not optimistic about the market directly somersault, to break up large anti go. In the past period of time, the U.S. economic data for the United States that eye-catching performance, higher strength, break the daily trend of pressure, in addition, even on ETF to have substantial holdings of gold and silver, in the big fundamentals for gold has been suppressed. And whether or not the data fraud, largely in non manipulated cause to contain gold, sum up a word: Dumbledore, down; bad is straight down. The 1250 is the key to hold the optimistic about the gold price rebounded directly relying on the support of 1272-77, the impact of upside, 1281 and 1293; otherwise, 1230 1225-20 and 1245 Powei bearish. On the basis of market expectations, ran back to the bottom up behind high probability! After the Algeria International Energy Forum, the crude oil market into a tonic, API and EIA have been reduced inventory, frozen production agreement related statements and so on all prices to boost sustainability of disk, since last Wednesday, since September 28th, daily Dayang foundation.相关的主题文章: