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C ROM angry? Zidane: I’m not a fool C Ronaldo is smart Zidane attended the press conference of sina sports news on Monday, Zidane attended the press conference before the Champions League game, C Luo was replaced in advance and angry because a thing, nature is the focus of media attention, Zidane also explained in. Zidane said: "everything is normal. Cristiano is not the only one who gets angry, and every player gets angry when he gets upset. We are thinking about the game against Dortmund, I have not changed, the management did not understand all this. I made a decision to be good for the players and I wouldn’t change my approach. We talk about it more than we talk about the game against the United States or tomorrow, but we have to accept that. I am calm, I am not a fool, C Luo is also a smart person, we have a common goal here." The goalkeeper position is Navas casiglia? Zidane did not give the answer: "tomorrow, I can not answer this question. I talked to them, they know what I think. The most important thing is that the two players are ready. And of course Reuben (Real Madrid third). Then I’ll make a decision." Will the team change tactics? "No, I don’t think about what happened in the past, it’s a different game, it’s difficult, but Real Madrid will do their best to play football. I want to play a good game and we always want to win. We can change the shape in the game, can arrange 2 quarter 1 Qianyao, or vice versa. Can also be arranged 4 midfielders, the striker of the 2. To see all the. Tactics are not important, the important thing is that the players are happy." Talking about the team’s two Lianping, Zidane pointed out: "the team has no doubt. This kind of situation will happen. We are in good condition, although nobody likes to lose 4 points in the 2 game. Sometimes warning is a good thing. We can do better in every way. We scored 2 goals and we need to work hard to reduce the goal, but it’s a problem for everyone, not just the back line. On Saturday we controlled the game, but after the referee blew the final whistle before anything can happen." Casey Milo and Makelele like? Zidane said: I do not like to compare, everyone has their own role, Casey Milo is an important player, but we can not control the injury. Now we have to do something, because we have good players." Why don’t you pick up a substitute for Miro and Marcello? "We have Marcos Llorente, he can replace Casey Milo, to Casey Milo, is the best season to play 30 to 40 games. As for Marcello, we have Fabio Coentrao to replace him, and then there’s Nacho." Turning to the BBC rotation, Zidane pointed out: "I have a rotation plan, but if you do not allow a player to play, then he can not maintain a good state, and you will need the player. I’m not a fool, I don’t want to invent what, I always make the best players to play, after making 3 substitutions." And Fabio Coentrao is)相关的主题文章: