Report ASEAN Internet penetration rate of more than 40% of the size of 260 million people in Beijing y580

Report: ASEAN Internet penetration rate of more than 40% of the size of 260 million people – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing (reporter Liu Yuying) in September 12, a white paper China Information Communication Research Institute released on the 12 said that ASEAN is experiencing a period of rapid growth of Internet users, as of June 2016, the 10 ASEAN countries Internet penetration rate reached 40.67%, the total size of up to 260 million people ranked fourth in the world. The "ASEAN Information Development and cooperation Chinese – white paper (2016)" focuses on the information infrastructure, e-commerce, Internet applications, smart city, network security and governance of the five typical areas of analysis, said the two sides to speed up the development of the economy, as well as the huge Internet market dividend, provide a solid guarantee for the development of information technology and cooperation the two sides of the. Reported that the 10 ASEAN countries, Kampuchea, Burma, the fastest growing Internet users, the growth rate reached 34.74% and 32.38%. ASEAN has become the fastest growing Internet market in the world. 2025 is expected to increase the size of the Internet economy will be nearly 6.5 times the size of asean. The report said that e-commerce is an important engine to promote the digital economy, China – ASEAN cross-border electricity supplier will become a hot spot for future cooperation. According to statistics, only 16% of ASEAN’s six economies through online shopping, compared with China’s low of 9 percentage points, accounting for only less than global electricity supplier turnover of about 1%. While China’s e-commerce transactions in 2015 amounted to more than 3 trillion U.S. dollars, is one of the leading e-commerce development. The report said that the rise of China’s cross-border electricity supplier for the ASEAN electricity supplier to bring more than 400 million of the potential user market, and ASEAN is expected to become the most important position of China’s electricity supplier internationalization. 2015, China’s exports to ASEAN cross-border electricity supplier trade exceeded 500 billion yuan, accounting for China’s total cross-border electricity supplier exports of 11.4%, ASEAN has become China’s third largest cross-border electricity supplier trade market. (end)相关的主题文章: