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Ready to give birth, father to close! Sohu in women before childbirth maternal fathers also have a lot of things to do! For example, understand the package’s seat, during childbirth in hospital, found the missing items, can quickly find and promptly rushed to the hospital. Prospective father is necessary to learn the knowledge of the process in order to avoid excessive panic, it is recommended that more understanding of the quasi father of my way of delivery, to help women relieve tension. Mother to be good contact in advance or Yuesao confinement center because of physical and mental energy of mothers have been consumed in the production process, after delivery is the need to carefully nursed back to health, if there is no parents around to take care of, must be a good contact in advance confinement center or Yuesao, when women after childbirth can get the most comprehensive take care of. Take care of the baby can not grasp the parental knowledge of what a simple thing yo in advance! Dads need to master the knowledge of parenting in advance, such as how to change a diaper for baby clothes, skills and so on. Usually can also be linked with a small doll, ready to take care of the baby better. Quasi father intimate Raiders 1, with his wife to attend a pregnant woman courses, more knowledge of pregnancy and production. 2, and his wife with exercise, walking, yoga, etc., to enhance physical fitness. 3, after the woman is pregnant, the heart is fragile, the husband accompanies a wife to produce check, can make her more happy. 4, a scientific and reasonable arrangements for a day’s diet, a reasonable diet is more conducive to the health of pregnant women and babies. 5, pregnant women after the body inconvenience, her husband to take more housework. 6, to develop a relaxed travel plan, relax. Dads are you ready? In order to give her better care, dad who must know more about this knowledge to women will not rush.相关的主题文章: