Quit smoking to buy a GTR, less than 5 million of all slag. – Sohu car (video) bleep

Quit smoking to buy a GTR, less than 5 million of all slag. The car – Sohu audience classic hello! A small greeting to you! It’s been announced this week that "GT-R" I’m going to buy GTR! I’ll buy you Mercedes. I want to buy GTR! I’ll buy you Mercedes + Rolex I want to buy GTR! Well, OK the toilet door, rolled up! Speaking of the GT-R, cannot skip his history in 1990, R32 first competed in the FIA Group A tournament will lead to rival 10 seconds advantage won the championship. 1991 Macao Guia, in order to curb the performance of R32 introduced a higher group DTM racing, also require GT-R to weight 140 kg. 1994, because no one can shake the dominance of GTR, FIA actually gave the Group to cancel the A. After the "R33" & "R34" is also the glory of countless. "Ares" Dongying this title is given the opponent. When we discuss the "R will", many people will think it is "R" Golf however in my heart "R" only one is GT-R we mentioned before "RB26DETT" is a generation GTR God obsessed, it is a modified potential endless, on him. Even 2000P, case modification. But in 2003, R34 production, also let generation God machine end NISMO in March 09 engraved with 70 sets of "RB26DETT" open quotation for 819000 yen, or about 54600 yuan of the original factory can withstand 1900 horsepower! You know a secondhand "K20A" fired up to 130 thousand yuan did not buy, feel good lost before nature performance car of a new generation of GTR changed the incarnation of the supercar, the Quartet model sequence from the previous B (C) NR32 3334, to CBAR just listed on the New York North ran 7 minutes 26 seconds, shocked the world in the last year, but ran 7 minutes 08 in fifth seconds, the production car to see what the car is slower than he let GTR fans again many cattle as cheerful as a lark The beloved horse will scoff at the superficial climax but the result is the result of Nissan also released this advertisement, attitude is very insolent back to us this GTR very interesting is that this car is 2012, but in November 2011 on the appearance, the difference between the 12 and 10 paragraphs of the largest "on line lamp" do not think that the front bumper 10 is low but 12 horsepower from the previous 486P to 530P相关的主题文章: