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Popular in Chengdu, "red" snacks, and finally can eat in Changchun! Sohu and a little greedy delicacy! Great benefits are waiting for you! Changchun chowhound WeChat group public number cccht6 Changchun chowhound who is coming to the bowl. Used to eat spicy food people are now eating " " you are not mad; what made you angry, what get (reminder: the end of a small welfare)? Is a non spicy unhappiness are not what ratio of addictive spicy children more cool – on. It is Chengdu’s "Red Net" snacks — "fire"? In Changchun, the restaurant is full of fire yiyanbuge allele is a very normal thing – so small goose, the novel is really good, things do not need to store! He’s cold and cold eat rabbits have eaten and sent a tweet sent back a message will push all the explosion the boss revealed the Changchun who put his WeChat has chowhound and now he burst beef and diced rabbit has been Changchun empty before a chowhound panic buying beef small! * Note: above is a cold spicy beef, the following is cold to eat beef every day ~ + rabbit rabbit Ding only sold 1000 bags of repurchase rate is still as high as 90%! Every day the number is not enough to sell limited single late rhythm you might not get the cold beef opened the bag, the people instantly slobber taste aroma! The secretion of saliva began crazy! "Dish eat, not simply beautiful ~ ^ well, which is cold to eat rabbit, very good resolution, long strips of beef, pork or meat. The Hot pot bottom material single rate is quite high, you can cook Hot pot, at home you can taste the authentic taste of Sichuan Hot pot! The | fire only sell 3 snacks, everything is the sign | explosion models every day to sell only 1000 bags, only allow takeaway business in less than 3 hours, will be sold out | at seven in the morning the boss went personally selected spices | Wukuaishi in addition to see whether the color red, bright orange, if feel dry, the most important is the selection of pepper rely on smell. With 10 years of experience in the chef Wu, pick pepper, spicy and not hurt the stomach. "From Hanyuan pepper, two bullets, seven Vitex first ingredients, very spicy enough, but they won’t feel anxious, stomach also does not have the slightest discomfort. "Each rabbit meat beef and above will be put on dozens of kinds of spices to taste, recipes are spent 3 years to complete. In all Lo mass production today, the boss is willing to hand, really not easy. The cold beef using the essence of the bracket the sinew meat, as raw materials. The taste is full, the protein content is very high. A normal 700 pounds of cattle, only a total of 28 pounds can be made to eat cold beef! One hundred percent soul food! "Since the opening only three: beef, rabbit, Hot pot bottom material. "Across the screen can smell the spicy taste)相关的主题文章: