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October CPI today announced a return or return to the 2 era – Sohu news network Beijing, May 1 (reporter Li Jinlei) National Bureau of Statistics today announced the consumer price index (CPI) in October (). Many institutions predict that as food prices rose year on year increase in October CPI year on year growth is expected to return to the 2 era". CPI is expected to rise in the next year in slightly higher than about 2% fluctuations, the overall rise slightly. CPI trend chart. From the National Bureau of statistics CPI rose or return to the 2 era National Bureau of statistics data show that in September CPI rose by 1.9%, an increase of more than in August to expand by 0.6 percentage points. For the upcoming October CPI, the market is generally expected to rise will return to the 2 era". According to the Ministry of agriculture monitoring, forty-third weeks in 2016 (-30 October 24, 2016), meat prices rose slightly, pork per kilogram of $22.99, for the first time in a row after a slight decline in 6 weeks, up high of $0.9%. Focus on monitoring the average price of 28 kinds of vegetables per kilogram of $3.85, up 23.4%. Bank chief economist Lian Ping of Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter said, in October, food prices fell but an increase of expansion, comprehensive judgment October CPI rose may between 1.9%-2.3%, taking the value of 2.1%, rose to 2 times". Washington reporter noted that the majority of market institutions generally forecast October CPI rose more than 2%. If the above forecast cashed, CPI rose will end 1 months in a row, the era of the situation in the 4. Data chart. China News Agency reporter Wu Junjie photo fourth quarter price increase or will expand in the fourth quarter price trend, Renmin University of China School of finance, vice president Zhao Xijun told reporters on the new site, the seasonal factors, agricultural and sideline products production and supply in the winter to be affected, in short supply at the same time, holidays consumer demand will increase, therefore, the fourth quarter price facing some upward pressure, but the overall increase is still not exceeded reasonable interval. Washington reporter noted that in the near future, vegetable prices have risen, the price of garlic is continuing to rise sharply. According to the Ministry of agriculture monitoring, October 31st -11 month 6, focusing on the monitoring of the average price of 28 kinds of vegetables per kilogram of $4.06, up 5.5%, compared with a high of $27.7%. Garlic prices continued to rise in the early September of this year after a breakthrough in the history of high prices this week, the price of garlic 13.19 yuan per kilogram, up about 1.9%, up to high of $88.2%. The garlic price trend, the Ministry of Agriculture said, garlic planting area of nearly two years is basically stable, the market reflects the main reason is the sharp rise in the price of garlic by extreme weather, garlic production declined, with garlic storage, this year the market of fresh garlic, garlic prices continue upward push xishou. Garlic stocks declined compared with last year, the price is expected to remain high in the near future concussion. Lian Ping believes that the cold weather, the price of vegetables may season)相关的主题文章: