Northeast Economic Observer 160 thousand employees of large enterprises lose a year of 4 billion – S

The Economic Observer: 160 thousand workers a year loss of 4 billion large state-owned enterprises – Sohu news Anshan Iron and steel company subsidiary party secretary Liu Yanan: where is the money to improve the office environment, normal expenses can be difficult, also to improve these minor things ah, I never thought of. It is understood that the Anshan Iron and Steel Group, a total of 501 collective enterprises, the total number of employees 160 thousand people, including retired personnel 85 thousand people, employees 75 thousand people, the list of workers, a total of 20 thousand people in the post. The number of workers and more than 6000 people, only employees for many years in arrears heating subsidies workers have $1 billion. In the 501 collective enterprises, the number of discontinued production enterprises reached 210, accounting for the proportion of 42%. Reporters came to a subsidiary of Anshan Iron and Steel Industrial Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the company, only one workshop in the production of four, the whole plant, only more than and 30 people live to be able to do more than 2 thousand. A vegetable factory attracted the attention of reporters, about this piece of cucumber, beans, green onions and other vegetables with half an acre of land, this is the original workers in income decreased sharply in the background, in order to save the cost of living for yourself. Fuqi seamless industrial development company party secretary Sun Weiqiang: you see the highest salary is 2500 yuan, is the core of the technical staff, only a small number of people, the rest is 1000 yuan, a minimum of only 900 yuan. In another completely discontinued collective enterprise, the reporter saw the original more than 1 thousand of the factory, now only one person in charge of the company left alone. The original bright and spacious factory, because there is no production over the years, some of the equipment has long been put high. The only income from the factory is from the yard. Anshan Iron and steel wire rope factory attached party secretary Chen Yukai: temporary rent out, do a parking lot, one day can earn tens of dollars, calculate a little income it, you can solve a little difficult. Anshan Iron and steel enterprises with two metallurgical processing plant, was the best among the 501 collective enterprises, director Yang Hai Bin told reporters that the peak of the early 90s of last century, the staff reached more than 3 thousand people. The original factory for the production of Metallurgical Metallurgical primary products, Anshan Iron and steel economic benefits, their products are also in short supply. Later in 2005, with the decline of Anshan Iron and steel business, products unsalable, enterprises can only find new customers. Due to a single product structure, quality is not high, very few orders. The enterprise must increase sales through innovative products, and by many workers to do collective children composition characteristics, staff qualifications and professional level is obviously low, technological innovation can not achieve, and how difficult outside recruitment. Rate of Anshan Iron and steel two steel metallurgy processing plant outside talent, Yang Haibin felt the salary was too low to come, even to stay, so the product can not always innovation, quality is not improved, the original product market is getting worse. The workers in the plant only more than and 400 people, the income of workers mainly rely on temporary labor dispatch. Yang Haibin’s most urgent task is to look for new projects. Anshan Iron and steel enterprises with two metallurgical plus.相关的主题文章: