National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference on the macroeconomic situation (r

The national development and Reform Commission held a press conference on the macroeconomic situation (record) national development and Reform Commission on September 14, 2016 (Wednesday) morning 9:30, three floor conference room held a press conference with regular theme in the national development and Reform Commission, issued the macroeconomic situation and respond to hot issues, the relevant responsible person attended the press conference and answered questions from reporters. The following is the conference record: Good morning, welcome to participate in the national development and Reform Commission scheduled monthly theme news conference. Today will be released on the 7 aspects of the situation, namely: the supply side structural reforms especially to productivity and cost reduction, economic system reform, electricity, investment, price and price regulation, improve the operation of the bank card credit card fee pricing mechanism, the establishment of the national ecological civilization test area. On the one hand, the supply side structural reforms, especially to the production capacity and reduce costs to capacity. In order to urge the local governments and enterprises to further enhance their understanding, promote the policy landing effective measures to ensure that the goals and tasks, in strict accordance with the requirements and time schedule node successfully completed, the State Council decided in the country to carry out a pair of steel coal to resolve the overcapacity work special inspection. In accordance with the deployment of the State Council, the inter ministerial joint conference organized 10 inspection teams from the 8 month, another went to the provinces to carry out on-site inspection. The main contents include: Supervision and defuse steel overcapacity in the coal related policy implementation and implementation schedule; task decomposition; actual exit capacity; premium financing usage; resettlement; carry out backward, illegal projects of joint law enforcement, "three special action"; capacity to open information, accept the supervision and management of archives; summarize and popularize advanced experience from 8 aspects. At present, the field inspection work has ended, is paying close attention to the summary of the inspection situation. In general, through inspection, really play a very good effect, is conducive to further compaction of the target responsibility, promote key work, speed up the progress of work, to discover and solve problems, summarize the experience and promote the typical, to ensure the successful completion of the task this year. Cost reduction. In August 22nd, the State Council issued the "reduce the real economy cost work program" (the [2016]48), put forward 8 aspects of 50 measures, made a comprehensive plan for the next period cost reduction work. The programme of work after the release of my commission, the relevant departments and the community from the tax burden, the cost of financing, the system of transaction cost, labor cost, energy cost, logistics cost, enterprise capital turnover efficiency and internal potential aspects, introduced the background and key points of the relevant policies to promote measures to carry out the analysis and interpretation. I set up a website on the portal to reduce the cost of the real economy business work column, focusing on the relevant ministries, local government policy documents, a typical case, the work of the relevant information. At the same time in the development of the cost reduction program, in accordance with the unified deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the Commission and the relevant departments of the full implementation of the camp changed to increase相关的主题文章: