Mid Autumn Festival, let us together painting moon, let the moon circle e2140

Mid Autumn Festival, let us together "painting moon", let the moon turn round, moon, where have you been? How can the moon disappear when it is still dark at night? Yes, the lost moon…… Not in the sky, in the heart. Under the neon lamp grows our lamp more bright, the person is more confused, the city temperature, lets the heart be tottering, does not have place. The moon’s orbit is around the earth, and what about life? Every day in the one-way route around as train’s fate is not tired at any time to stop lying in bed, touch mobile phone reply friend lost ticket ring delete comments ah, or "free appointment!" When, on earth, have we become the infinite parallel lines?…… Late at night, they slept; they woke up in the morning and went to work. It is a few, but live a solitary sense that this is selfish. The moon cake festival on the table, but not the crab meat suction eye blink more wrinkles dad a few months old baby also began to learn to speak of guilt and worry, suddenly engulfed the full circle half mixed coil life track setting woods, fast-paced, high pressure, small circle and emptiness, after work, mobile phone has become the most devoted companion, lonely heart and bustling city is ironic, this is everyone may be suffering from the "city of autism"! Some minds can’t wait for a day, we might as well try to care about people around us. How many lost moon can there be again? Guangzhou rural commercial bank sun public fund special groups for the village club back heart month to draw together the month, make it round! (long term identification of two-dimensional code, into interactive)

中秋节 让我们一起“画月”让月亮变圆月亮,你到底去哪儿了?月亮明明仍入夜而出,怎会不见?没错,那遗失的明月……不在天上,在心里。霓虹灯下成长的我们灯愈亮人愈迷茫城市温度,让心摇摇欲坠、无处安放。月亮的轨迹是环绕地球,那生活呢?每天在单行的路线上奔波就如火车的命运不是累了就随时能停靠躺在床上,摸起手机回复死党的票圈输了又删的评论哎,还是“有空约见!”吧究竟何时,我们成了无限延长的平行线……深夜下班,他们已经睡了;早上醒来,他们忙活去了。明明是一家几口,却活出了独居感才发觉这是自私地发奋月饼节的饭桌上,吸睛的不是虾蟹鱼肉而是爸爸霎眼多出的皱纹几个月大的宝贝也开始学讲话内疚与担心,顿时吞噬了满圆的半边混凝森林里点线圈的生活轨迹,节奏快、压力大、圈子小、空虚感重,下班后手机成为最投入的伴侣,孤单的心与热闹的城市显得讽刺,这就是每个人都可能患有的“城市孤独症”!有些心意等不了某个日子我们不妨试着关心身边的人。遗失的明月几许再有?广州农商银行太阳公益基金会为村社里的特殊人群找回心中月一起画月,让它变圆吧!(长按识别二维码,进入互动)相关的主题文章: