Mendes wants to Ronaldo exposure operation accounted for 70 million in the hope of Real Madrid

Mendes wants to C with super exposure operation accounted for 70 million for Real Madrid from Spain "world sports newspaper" the news that Florentino is ready to star C Lo sent a new contract for a period of six years, but Mendes is also looking for C Ronaldo the next station, the super agent selected is the next station super league. Although C Ronaldo was 31 years old, but in the market, the Portuguese star still worry about the next house, Manchester United and French side Paris Saint Germain in the pursuit of the European football’s top players. Originally Florentino plans to introduce a star as C Ronaldo’s successor in the summer, or Real Madrid (data) under a sign star, but Zidane’s love bogeba joined Manchester United, and another target o Zal at Chelsea (data), Abramovich even refused to open negotiations with real madrid. In addition, Florentino has also liked Lewandowski and Alabbar, but Bayern’s attitude is very tough, these two people are not able to come to Bernabeu. Lafayette also played for Basa (official data) star Neymar’s idea, but the Brazilian refused to leave the Nou Camp, head of Real Madrid’s wishful thinking fall again. Glenn Seidman is the ideal candidate for succession C Ronaldo, but whether it is president Ma Jing Sayrezzo, and coach Simonyi, will the French surrendered to real madrid. In addition to the frustration of Florentino realized that in the current market, want to introduce a C Ronaldo with the same level of star basically impossible, considering that Real Madrid suffered a ban on the transfer, therefore, Lafayette wants to leave C Ronaldo, and for the purpose to appease the Portuguese, he is ready to send to CR7 a new contract for six years. The world sports daily said, according to C Luo friends revealed that the broker Mendes is inclined to contract with Real Madrid, mainly because they can not see the clear destination C luo. The original United have repo CR7 ideas, but with Ibrahimovic and Pogba to join, and the coach Mourinho, C Ronaldo appeared obstacles to return to Old Trafford. Although Paris can open a heavy salary to invite C Ronaldo, but as everyone knows is, C Ronaldo is a born winner, he is more like to join a team can challenge all the champions, and Paris seems to have not yet reached the level of. C Luo more than one position, it is possible to retire to the United States, but in the current circumstances, there is no MLS team can pay his high wages. Western media said that at present C Ronaldo’s agent Mendes is very pragmatic, once the CR7 need to leave Real Madrid, then Mendes believes in is the most ideal destination, you know, the super team not only have a lot of nouveau riche, and they are willing to sign a player than Messi, so, in the positive influence moreover, from the super grow with each passing day, investment, they have the ability to pay high wages for C ronaldo. Another Spanish media "daily goal" is claimed, Florentino plan in C contract period of second last year, when cash in Portuguese, Lafayette, hoping to get a transfer fee of 70 million euros from the team over there, in his view, regardless of the C Luo, also is for real madrid.相关的主题文章: