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Men have a dream Lu tube most want to use A Doraemon props do something H A dream Babolat bag has more than 2000 kinds of magic props, to help meet the main exploration desire to save the bubble sister. It is said that human beings are not pure after growing up, some people will be able to make up the brain if they can do all kinds of things. So, there are 491 Japanese media single men, you will choose what secret props to meet the desire of men? If you use the following items to meet your wishes, which one would you choose? (Dan Xuan) (1) the memory of bread (as long as the contents of the book printed on bread, eat it down, you can remember the content (2) reduce the light (the body will be smaller when it is illuminated by light.) (3) a time machine (which can fly through the future or the past) (4) time cloth (with the front cover items, the items will be covered quickly show the future state. When the object is covered with a negative, the object that is covered will quickly show the state of the past (5) bamboo dragonfly can fly in the sky (6) the perspective glasses (with the function of X-ray) (7) a transparent cloak (a set of transparent people.) (8) dictatorship switches (which can make the person who gets in the way out.) (9) any door (you can go where you want to go) (10) translation of konjac (after eating can speak any language.) Fifth: Perspective glasses (27) "I want to use in the bathroom." "I want to see a lot of underwear." It is full of children’s hope and dream secret props, in adult male eyes to taste. If not serious, will be A dream scold dead. Fourth: transparent cloak (28) "I want to become transparent people to do things, beep." "I want to enter the room of my lovely sister." "I want to leave the world of life." "I like to be alone." Transparent props are very popular in men, roughly divided into work and survival of two people silently. Those who want to do the "beep -" who is about AV, in some more. Third place: Bamboo Dragonfly (40 tickets) "I often dream of flying in the sky." "I want to fly like a bird." "I want to fly to meet people." "When you want to go somewhere, you can fly easily." Break even when you encounter a traffic jam, can use bamboo dragonfly mobile." Although ranked fourth with fifth items filled with work, but the use of bamboo dragonfly is more pure, most people just want to use at work or travel. Second place: any door (110 tickets) can travel to many places." "I want to use any door to fam." "I want to make work and work more comfortable." "I will work in the use of time, before they can sleep." Any door for adults or children, are quite attractive props, especially suitable for work in school. Of course, with any door to the sister to take a bath, in reality, but the crime oh. First: time machine (115 votes), I will use to buy lottery tickets, betting on horses or cheating." "I want to go back and revise my college test scores." "I want to be with my sister who can’t be with you." "I want to go back to the past, and when I become an adult, I begin to understand what love is.相关的主题文章: