Luo Xueming the news to pay attention to the external fed and stocks

Luo Xueming: the news to pay attention to the external fed and the performance of the stock of the Sina Hong Kong columnist Luo Xueming WeChat public number (xlgg-sina) Hongkong is an international financial center, the Federal Reserve, the Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank’s message will be very sensitive. Therefore, investors should pay attention to the external situation, any Feng Shui grassland are market vane affect the market trend. Monday, Shanghai and Shenzhen two stock index opened slightly higher, higher, followed by a narrow range, not on the five day moving average, liangnengbuzu restrict the height of the rebound, stocks are active. At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3026 points, up 23 points, Trading Volume 133 billion 169 million. Shanghai stock index rebounded to the 60 day moving average (3027) as long as the location of the difference between the point of closing, you can be sure that this is the behavior of Guo Jia, do not fix the average of 60 days is selling drugs in the gourd, people can not guess. The recent turmoil that Guo Jia team has many Xichou to deal with whether the Fed rate hike in this market. The market expected the Fed interest rate hike, the news once landed, there will be skyrocketing prices, because of the long kinetic energy in shock city has been depressed very hard, will take this good fit pulled up sharply rising. Guo Jia team this time with the appropriate shipping market pressure rise, avoid soaring prices at the same time to complete and return the funds is Kongpan, many birds with one stone optimal strategy, also sustain Manniu trend. There is a strange phenomenon in the current market trend, the positive rise does not go up, lack of investor confidence, a large number of capital flows to the property market. The light does not go down, Guo home team defend stability, maintain Manniu pattern, so that the 3000 point support power is very strong. The lack of the vitality of the market is still a mishap. Strong support for the 3000 points, short-term resistance at 3042, the rally in finishing. The Hang Seng Index Monday through the Hong Kong stock recovery, high rise after shocks to maintain the uptrend, afternoon or expanded, a breakthrough after the 10 day moving average, as of the close, the Hang Seng Index closed at 23550 points, up 214 points, turnover of HK $72 billion 500 million. The short-term resistance at 24364 points, the market outlook is a repeated fall on the market, the army fought in the battle. This year the opportunity to break through the previous high point is very large, the South capital, QFII inflows into Hongkong, this trend is very important capital flows, coupled with low valuation of Hong Kong stocks, low price earnings ratio to attract global investors. The city is now in a short-term adjustment stage, the emergence of callback stabilization are buying opportunities. The Bank of Japan will announce interest rates on Wednesday. Japan’s central bank is expected to continue to maintain a loose monetary policy, so as to help the recovery of the Japanese economy. On Thursday, the Fed will announce the results of interest rates, the Bank of England governor Carney will deliver a speech in germany. The European Central Bank on Thursday held a systemic risk committee meeting, President Delagi will deliver a speech. At the same time the euro area will also be announced: September manufacturing, services and integrated PMI initial value. Are the focus of market attention. This week, the Australian Federal Reserve released the minutes of the September meeting, Canada announced retail and CPI data, gold and silver, dollar, yen, euro, pound, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, global financial market will usher in a very large fluctuations. More media and more相关的主题文章: