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Life and career partners why it can win the car owners have praise? Auto – Sohu to say the domestic high-end light passenger car market leading models, there is no doubt that Ford transit, since the last century, in 90s the introduction of domestic, it quickly became China consumers. As a global models imported from Europe, Ford transit in the global harvest 8 million customers at the same time, the total domestic sales of nearly 500 thousand. This year 1 to September, more than 50 thousand sales, accounted for almost 20% of the light passenger market, passenger and light areas in the world. Ford transit as many households and businesses are loyal partners, is applied to logistics and transport, passenger commuting, business reception and modification of the base vehicle meet the needs of different industries. In the process of life and career with nearly ten thousand customers, but also produced thousands of stories. From August 15th to September 14th this year, a part of China nearly 500 thousand Ford transit owners "image exchange", Ford transit large online solicitation "owners image collection" national open. During the event, many owners share them with Ford transit at the life and work bit by bit. From the owners of the story, also let us more insight into the mystery of the success of Ford transit. In the tens of thousands of car owners to participate in the activities of transit, there is one family: the owner from Inner Mongolia, Mr. Li Liang chose Ford transit, his grandfather and father strongly recommended. As with all Ford transit owners, they are daring, dares with dreams and desire to use their hands to create a better tomorrow of the ordinary people. In the early years of his father Li Yushun bought a classic transit, for him, like Ford transit Inner Mongolia man as hard working. In transit assistance, has accumulated a good family. Although the car has been in recent years, but the car is still open, in addition to the old man normal maintenance, has never been overhauled. So Li Liang had to buy a car, the family says Ford transit is definitely the best choice! His car has been used in transit classic. Now, Mr. Li is a Ford transit fan, even his son are very love Ford transit. From the Shanxi Jincheng Mr. Hou, the rich spirit of exploration has 80 and his best partner — Ford new generation transit spent three in autumn and winter. In the past three years, they worked together across the world over the world’s highest Tangmai natural barrier, the highway Tanggula, on earth the highest car camp Mount Everest base camp, Xinjiang north ring line also reached the Northeast snow village tour, no matter how bad the environment, transit smoothly through, Mr. Hou feeling in the charming scenery along the way at the same time more marvel at the extraordinary quality of Ford transit. From the above two owners of the story, on the one hand reflects the Ford transit brand models of high quality and high reliability, has become the owner of career and life partner; on the other hand, the "owner of the image collection" activities also reflects the Ford transit brand customer first, to create "transit" culture. In addition to the "owners of image collection activities outside, recently, another feature of the" Ford transit name card "– fu.相关的主题文章: