Kashmir Pakistan India shelling renewed smoke caused 6 dead 22 injured – Sohu Military Channel pgd-426

Kashmir Pakistan India shelling renewed smoke caused 6 dead 22 injured, Xinhua news agency, Islamabad Sohu Military Channel 28, October: Pakistan’s foreign ministry said in a statement 28, the Pakistan Pakistan summoned India’s Deputy High Commissioner, strongly condemned the India military 27 in Kashmir shelling killed Palestinian civilian casualties, in violation of a cease-fire agreement. The statement said that India’s military 27 in Kashmir near the line of actual control of the shelling of Pakistan, killing at least 6 civilians died in Pakistan, another 22 people were injured. Pakistan Ministry of foreign affairs asked the Indian military to respect the ceasefire agreement between the two sides in 2003 to stop the fire against Palestinian civilians to maintain peace in the region near the actual control of kashmir. India Pakistan urged to investigate the continued violation of the ceasefire agreement act. Recently, the relationship between India and Pakistan as a result of Kashmir tensions again. The two sides in the actual control of Kashmir near the fire incident occurred, resulting in both casualties. India said 28 days, the Pakistan Army Day shelling Indian Kashmir, killing 2 people. India, 27, said it would be suspected of spying on the grounds that the expulsion of a senior staff member of the Indian Embassy in Pakistan. On the same day, the Ministry of foreign affairs of Pakistan decided to expel India in Pakistan High Commissioner a diplomat, said its conduct contrary to current international standards, Pakistan expressed serious concern.相关的主题文章: