Jianye chairman Hu Baosen on Vanke equity dispute in the near future there will be results mcncc

Jianye chairman Hu Baosen on Vanke equity dispute: recent results will have Phoenix Financial News according to media reports, August 25th held a gap in the summer Yabuli forum, when asked about the dispute Wanbao views, Jianye real estate chairman Hu Baosen disclosed the recent result will be, "he said just and Vanke Group chairman of the board Wang Shi matter some exchanges. Wang Shi himself also appeared in the forum site, but did not participate in any agenda. It is worth noting that, in August 16th, Huarun group announced that the company will be held on August 26th at ten in the morning at Huarun headquarters held a meeting of the board of directors, Wang Shi will personally attend the board of directors of Huarun group. It is not clear whether Wang Shi will take this opportunity to visit Huarun Group Chairman Fu Yuning. Not long ago, Vanke investors exchange meeting, the management company said the first half of Vanke employee turnover rate is equivalent to the level of the year 2015, June and July turnover faster, peers and headhunters to Vanke Vanke poaching, although it also try to retain every employee, but the method is limited, the effect is limited. When talking about whether Wang Shi leaves the problem, executive vice president Sun Jia said: my personal view is that, first, the management or not by management to decide, second, in the past period of time, the company is facing a very large non operating difficulties, in this process, management I focus more on how to protect customers, employees and shareholders, Vanke’s fundamental interests, not just concerned about the fate of their own problems, thank you for your continued support of the management, so the management also will try to reason in the face of all the situation, then, if one happen. The management of their own difficult to overcome the difficulty in the future, so that you will understand our choices.相关的主题文章: