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Jiangsu a couple of A4 paper "print" nearly 100 thousand yuan counterfeit – Beijing Yangzi Evening News (correspondent Zhu Weiwei reporter Chen Yong Jing Jia Lu civilization) Baoying small Xiaoshan urgently want to make a fortune, in April this year, he found a way to get rich quick, that is making counterfeit money. He did not think the "counterfeit money factory" has just opened a month seized by the police, even his wife with the "90" to the court of Baoying. Recently, the Baoying County procuratorate prosecution, the court hearing the case in Baoying, Xiaoshan, Liu Rui and his wife was convicted of the crime of counterfeiting currency, another defendant Feng Fei was convicted of selling and buying counterfeit crime. The case will choose a sentencing date. In May this year, Baoying County Public Security Bureau Network Supervisor brigade police found in the work of people through the QQ group, WeChat group to sell counterfeit money, soon after the investigation, Baoying Xiaoshan man and his wife were arrested Liu rui. Another suspected of selling and buying counterfeit crime, Zhenjiang man Feng Fei was arrested. After investigation, a month to the incident in April this year, Xiaoshan, together with his wife Liu Rui in the residential building in Baoying County town of Austin Cao two, through the use of color printers and other tools of crime, counterfeit RMB banknote of fifth sets of 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 20 yuan face value. Xiaoshan will forge good counterfeit money through QQ communication group, Zhenjiang man Feng Fei sold to buyers. In addition, the creation of Xiaoshan QQ Communications Group is also used in the production process, to impart counterfeit counterfeit currency to do the old and using the methods of criminal information. At the time of the incident, Xiaoshan forged currency value of at least 97525 yuan. Xiaoshan and his wife Liu Rui are Baoying, born in 1989 in Xiaoshan, Liu Rui was born in 1990, two per capita for junior high school culture. Xiaoshan has been working in Shanghai, owed a lot of money, creditors forced emergency, how to do? He inadvertently in the Internet to see someone through the printer counterfeiting news, the news of legal education, but let Xiaoshan find inspiration from, he began in the online collection for the printer to print counterfeit. Then buy equipment, use A4 paper to print 10 yuan, 20 yuan counterfeit money. The wife of Xiaoshan Liu Rui as a "wife" role, the customer to goods, Liu Rui put the counterfeit package, and then express out. Xiaoshan in the sale of counterfeit money, the main customer is Feng fei. Authorities handling the investigation found that counterfeit buyers are mostly not well educated young people tend to shop in the city and rural roadside shop use.相关的主题文章: