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Japanese netizens questioned: "customers" are overblown now to the selection of the most successful in recent years, the original animation, believe that most people will choose "customers"? At present, because there is no new relationship, but also makes a lot of fans feel very tangled. But recently, there are Japanese netizens questioned said: this work is not blown it? 1, the following: (^o^) / de VIP, and send this. I recently read the ~ masu "customers", how the feeling of being overblown? The end of the end of the "new century Gospel warrior" sense of the flow of consciousness, very abstract, because this is favored by high school students? I don’t think how God works, can only say that really works are others, have their own reading to know. 3, the following: (^o^) / de VIP, and send this woman ~ masu TV version of a good ending Abstract ah, is not a small re created a witch in the world, but Homura will continue to fight. And later the theater version also carried out a complete complement, do not know? Although I don’t think she is God, but some things are compared to recent years, and which works better than this? 5, the following: (^o^) / de VIP, and send this woman ~ masu well, my personal story is nothing but what role, views, I hate roundlet with Sayaka, super love. There’s nothing else to say. Of course, I’ll go and see if it’s new. 8, the following: (^o^) / VIP, and this woman was sent to the ~ masu or because you didn’t catch live ah. When the work was able to do that, it wasn’t just the work itself. The official began to emphasize the need to create a warm heart of the story, and then the first two episodes are not lukewarm, but in the third episode suddenly turn around, the impact is not a joke ah. But the ending before encountered the earthquake off the air at the end of the story, with a vague synchronization, these are the reasons that the work becomes a social focus. 23, the following: (^o^) / de VIP, and send this woman ~ masu ah, when I thought the small picture in the theme song of the cat was holding Homura become, now in retrospect is black history. But I think the reason why the landlord questioned because the story has long been heard, right? So there’s a lack of freshness. I think I was lucky to be the first time after the "customers". 28, the following: (^o^) / de VIP, and send this to the old woman ~ masu pale raspberry virtual contrast, magical girl is actually the dark work innovation, dog curry witch space, third sets of impact, at the end of the delayed broadcast. Really, if not at that time after the live, it is difficult to understand the kind of feeling as if the work was firmly controlled. When I went to the theater, I didn’t think it was so exciting. 31, the following: (^o^) / de VIP, and send this ~ masu well…… I didn’t feel much better at first, but then I was touched by the experience of the American flame. In fact, just like "the melancholy of" long door sidhom products相关的主题文章: