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Intel’s acquisition of start-up companies VOKE, to create immersive sports experience – Sohu technology a torrent of data, including the ability to capture, connection, analysis and interaction, is brings the revolutionary change for the sports industry, we call the digital movement experience. Intel is developing a variety of industry-leading solutions for athletes, sports fans and content producers to provide a new immersive sports experience. We this year for sports fans and broadcasters have brought great experience, let them to a new data driven from the perspective of the Aspen stand watch world extreme sports competition (X Games Aspen) and the NBA All Star Weekend Sports etc.. Recently, we formally set up a new business unit, Intel Sports Division, including the acquisition of Replay technology company to join Intel’s brilliant freeD technology team. We are making significant progress in providing innovative technology and amazing experience for the sport, but there is more to look forward to. In providing a truly immersive experience in sports, VR (virtual reality) or Intel CEO MR proposed by the Department of singular integration is an important part of. With strong computing power, virtual experience becomes more dynamic, more natural. Imagine, from the view of the defender’s dunk, or view the defensive running quarterback. It sounds a lot like the future, but it’s actually faster than you think. In order to accelerate the pace of our efforts, we are proud to announce the acquisition of Intel VOKE, which is committed to providing users with a virtual reality experience in the field of leadership. Founded in 2004, VOEK is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, the technology allows sports fans can get a live experience without leaving home. The following is the VOKE TrueVR? Experience features: realistic, exclusive VOKE with stereo glasses personally on the scene capture system, can provide the natural motion perspective, sports fans everywhere can see realistic proportions and depth. Multi platform users can choose any device (PC, tablet PCs, mobile phones and virtual reality helmet) to get this experience. The model, which is convenient for broadcasters to use VOKE, fits into the end-to-end solution strategy that can be easily integrated into existing broadcast and sports alliance channels. The VOKE team has brought over 20 years of expertise in virtual reality, and has gained the attention of broadcasters, sports leagues and teams through their skills and strengths. We can accelerate the innovation and development of the new Intel immersive sports business, for sports fans bring unimaginable personalized, real immersive virtual reality experience, and change the network, sports leagues and teams to interact with the audience the way. About the author: general manager of Intel Sports Division James Carwana相关的主题文章: