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In an interview with the developers: Hu Feng tie should be held the core of high-quality commercial properties in   careful adjustment of fair value — real estate – People’s network of DTZ valuation and advisory services director Hu Feng China North District of Beijing in October 14, (Yu Yanming) recently, Beijing Yintai Center completed a branch of asset-backed securities ("Beijing Yintai Center assets under the support of the special plan" A, B, C class priority asset-backed securities issuance and listing, 3) issuance of asset-backed securities were 4 billion yuan, 3 billion 300 million yuan, 200 million yuan, the total size of 7 billion 500 million yuan, the interest rate issue were 4%, 5.3% and 6.98%, the duration of 18 years, every 3 years to set up the opening time. This is the first single mortgage type REITs (real estate investment trusts) and the largest single class REITs project. Beijing Yintai Center asset-backed special plan target assets include office buildings, commercial podium, hotel and parking spaces total construction area of about 172 thousand and 900 square meters. The valuation of the target assets of 10 billion 519 million yuan, compared with the size of the issue discount of about 30%. Map of Beijing Yintai Center in support of the special plan assets transaction structure completed DTZ value evaluation, market analysis of the target assets, they have more than 100 appraisers assisted Wanda Commercial completed the Hongkong H-share listing and privatization transactions of property valuation. DTZ valuation and Advisory Services Department of North Chinese District Officer and director Hu Feng of auxiliary Yintai Center completed 7 billion 500 million yuan of asset securitization are excited, he introduced the current domestic completed ten pen asset securitization project, DTZ participated in the eight pen. Hu Feng said that the current domestic integrity of the REITs has not been fully designed, but this is a trend. Including a few days ago, the State Council has issued relevant documents to encourage and support the development of REITs, to help companies achieve light assets, I hope that after a period of time, China’s REITs will really come out. But Singapore and Hongkong have been walking in the front, Singapore has issued more than and 30 REITs, Hongkong also listed 10, two markets have their own advantages, the Hongkong capital market bigger, more professional market for REITs singapore. Beijing Hualian Commercial Trust DTZ last year to help the Beijing Hualian Shopping Center "(BHG Retail Reit) listed in Singapore, what is" don’t speak too much REITs with investors in Singapore, Singapore because the markets are very REITs." The mainland, Hongkong or Singapore each market to the attention of REITs are not the same, so that the goal of Hu Feng assets or firms choose to issue in the market which, according to their own situation to determine, for example, Beijing Hualian investment and cooperation mechanism in Singapore, investors understand, Singapore has a comparative advantage. Hu Feng said that the past two years, the company’s intention and demand for asset securitization significantly enhanced, which is a market-oriented behavior, but also the interests of investors and the interests of both sides of the convergence process. RE ten years ago相关的主题文章: