In a prospective the right to health is not lost Zhicheng Chongchao the Yellow Sea Sike and (video)

In a prospective: the right to health is not lost Zhicheng Chongchao the Yellow Sea Sike and [collection] right to health 3-0 away Chongchao in Vuwa Neo free kick Tencent sports in October 14 Japan on Saturday, 2016 in the League twenty-ninth round (last second rounds) will be opened zhanmu. In this event, the leader of Tianjin the right to health will be on the road against the Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng, staged battle of king mountain, and the right to health in Tianjin unbeaten ahead of a locked quota chongchao. In addition there are huge Chongchao hope Qingdao will be in the the Yellow Sea of Beijing and sike. In the relegation zone, Qingdao, Hohhot and will also usher in a key battle. Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng VS Tianjin power Jianquan health is expected to rushed over time: 14:30 on October 15th: the prediction results of the right to health history: undefeated from B to B to the FA Cup, the two sides had accumulated 12 contest, Quanjian made 5 wins 4 flat 3 negative record. The first round of the season, right health 2-1 win. Recent record: right health had just won 4 wins, the state is good, currently ranked at the top of the list of 56 points. Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng nearly three rounds of 1 wins and 2 losses, currently 53 in second. Competition focus: overwhelmed by the war, is the focus of the current round of battle. The right to health can be blunt, so from the point of view of the right to health, they will go all out. From the comprehensive strength, staffing and other dimensions, the right to health is dominant. But the sun may be alive preliminaries during the injury, or how much health has brought some influence to the right. In contrast, Zhicheng, their recent poor state, although the home court battle, but Zhicheng obviously did not have the kind of hard power to win the right to health. As a result, the right Jianji may be locked in the current round of quota chongchao. Qingdao the Yellow Sea VS Beijing and the game time: 14:30 on October 15th: the prediction results of the Yellow Sea win against the history: the first leg of season, the people of Beijing and in the home court 5-0 rout of rival. Recent record: the Yellow Sea had suffered 2 consecutive losses, currently in the order of 53 in third. People and nearly three rounds of 2 negative level of 1, with a score of fourth in the 46, but has pulled out of the fight over. Competition focus: people and has pulled out of the fight over the battle, but there is still a lot of hope the Yellow Sea into the super. In this context, the morale of Qingdao, the Yellow Sea will be very strong, because only win, the Yellow Sea can regain the right to take back the initiative. At the same time in the home court, which also increases the chance of the Yellow Sea to take all three points. As for the people, and its comprehensive strength is beyond doubt, but at this moment and this person is clearly not in the state. So overwhelmed by the war, Qingdao, the Yellow Sea at home to take three points of hope, is very large. The game time Beijing Beikong VS Qingdao: the prediction results: draw against the history: 14:30 on October 15th the two sides had 5 times against in a level, Beikong 2 wins 2 flat 1 negative. The first round of the season, the two teams to shake hands and 3-3. The recent record: in had just got 2 wins, currently 31 points out the countdown second, relegation situation is still in jeopardy. Beikong nearly three to 1 negative level 2, currently 40 points in the sixth row. The focus of the game: Frankly speaking, Beikong recently state is not very good, especially the problems in preventing the opponent back repeatedly, of course, the team striker Lake James)相关的主题文章: